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Jun 19, 2012

DA: Shiner father who killed molester won't face charges .





A grand jury in Lavaca County has refused to indict a Shiner father who beat another man to death for allegedly molesting his 5-year-old daughter.


The Lavaca County district attorney said Tuesday that the evidence supports the man’s story.




Do you understand.

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Ghost of Christmas Future

With all the turmoil in the Old Country, this is one of the things that will soon be showing up here in the New Land.

I doubt anyone will heed the warnings of the Ghost of Christmas Future.....

Make sure you have a good zero.

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Drop those cherries, you're under arrest. Crops and cops are converging along Spain's journey through economic crisis: People enduring hardship are stealing the earth's bounty from farmers to help get by from day to day.

And things have happened in the Spanish countryside that make it look like the Wild West, or in some cases, Wall Street.

_ A rancher in central Spain went out one morning to view his 200-head herd of cattle and found two prized calves which had just been released into the pack shot in the head at point-blank range, and perfectly slaughtered. They were to have been prized breeders. But only the bony carcasses, with heads attached, remained in the muddy field. "Those animals were phenomenal. They were spectacular. Really fat, very well treated, and after five or six days in the field, they killed them," said the rancher, Eulogio Morales.