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Feb 6, 2012

Who Am I ????????

Where am I NOT a criminal, a wanted "Domestic Terrorist", an enemy of the State?

Anywhere I go, I will be targeted by a tyrannical regime of thugs who wear badges.

Airport Service Providers General Aviation Mass Transportation
Beauty/Drug Suppliers General Public Military Surplus
Bulk Fuel Distributors Hobby Shops Peroxide Explosives
Construction Sites Home Improvement Recognizing Sleepers
Dive/Boat Shops Hotels/Motels Rental Cars
Electronics Stores Internet Cafes Rental Properties
Farm Supply Stores Shopping Malls Rental Trucks
Financial Institutions Martial Arts/Paintball Storage Facilities
Tattoo Shops

We live in a society where you are encouraged & rewarded to snitch on your own family, friends & neighbors.

They want us to go along, follow orders, be a good sheeple. 

I can not do this.  

I am not wired that way .

I will resist in any way possible.

WHO AM I ????



It now appears that the banksters who have helped bleed this country dry of any sort of wealth have decided to up the ante.

Well if they don't want our hard earned cash...Fuck em!

If anyone who had BoA accounts, pull your $$$.  Hell, maybe they will give you a nice little, shiny card to spend.  Not the worthless greenbacks that have God on them.

Maybe it's time to go Merlin on them and try some alchemy.

via FNC & Activist Post