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Apr 13, 2012

Dropping Like Flies

They are dropping quicker than flies.
Deputy Sheriff Denny Lawrence succumbed to a gunshot wound sustained 30 years earlier while investigating a minor traffic accident on US 93 south of Jackpot, Nevada.

As Deputy Lawrence began to run the man's driver license, the man approached him and suddenly shot him once in the forehead with a .22 caliber handgun.

Map of the Dead - Zombie Survival Map

Map of the Dead - Zombie Survival Map
Use this interactive google-mashup-map to locate emergency supplies in the event of a zombie outbreak. This should help you not walk past guns and supplies like in that stupid Walking Dead show.

Unintended Consequences of Mr. Murphy

Folks are just getting real tired of thugs with a badge.

The Thin Blue line just keeps getting thicker.
Five police officers in New Hampshire were shot as they tried to serve a search warrant in a drug investigation Thursday night, and local media reported that one of them, the Greenland police chief, had died from a bullet to the head.

Resistance is growing.
Deputy Sheriff Robert Paris was shot and killed while he and another deputy were serving an eviction notice at the Whispering Woods apartment complex on Chrysler Drive in Modesto.