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Dec 3, 2013

The Circle of Life...sorta

Some of the readers live in rural areas and have livestock so this is not new.  Farmers know how cruel and also efficient nature can be.  In my wife’s younger years she raised chickens, commercially.  They had 6 laying houses for Holly Farms.  Chickens will eat one another if they see a flaw with one.  It could be a small spot of dirt at first and ends with a pair of feet.  But, they keep pecking at it and we know they eat anything.
Each of the houses would hold about 10k laying hens.  With the birds packed like that, you will have die offs.  Well, they also had pigs on their place and that’s where the dead birds went.  Protein for the pigs.
With the progression of tyranny towards those that openly oppose it, some disappearing may be needed.  The ability to ensure that there is no way for any link back to you is crucial.  With that in mind, there shines the true talent of pigs and chickens, to dispose of any type of edible garbage.
If you find yourself in this situation, keep your local patriot farmer in mind and see if his pigs and chickens can lend a mouth to the Freedom movement and clean up some trash.