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Oct 28, 2012

Passing on Heritage-UPDATE

 Well me and the little one didn't see a damn thing on Sat.

The pic is of my oldest daughter.  We saw some does right at day break heading to a oak patch.  well come 0830, they decided to use the same route back.

Yep...complacency makes you prey.


The first to go by was a big 8 point.  She got a case buck fever and missed.

About 5 min later, she says, here comes 3.  She saw their legs through the brush.

She was trying to get the gun up on the shooting stick (we were in a ground blind) and not spook them.

She dropped the doe first.....BAM...D-E-D   dead.

The little nub'n buck ran back about 20' and started looking around.  He stood still to long...BAM  #2 down.

The 3rd on was behind some cedars or she would of had 3.

The 62gr. federal fusion in 223 did not piss around.  Pencil size hole in and about dime on the exit.  No race & trace to worry about.

Even better...these were her first deer.

I am a proud papa.  :)

Time to heat the grease up for some fried backstrap.


This weekend is the is youth gun opening for deer here in Texas.

As such, I will have all 3 of my daughters in the woods this weekend and at every chance during the regular season that opens the 1st weekend in Nov.

With this time well spent, the stories of times past get handed down as well as new stories made for them to pass on to their kids (when they are older AND married).

All 3 also take part in the processing of the animals harvested.

Funny story....several months ago we were on the way home from Wally World.  My youngest (8 yrs old) was oogling some of the hunting magazines there.  Yes, I was smiling.  

So we were about 1/2 way home when she spied a mess of buzzards along the roadside.  They were eating a deer that had been hit.  She wanted me to go back and get it so we could cook it.

Her reasoning was that most of it was there and she wanted some venison.  :)

So she has been counting down the days til she drops one.

Oct 18, 2012

Southland Tales

I caught this funny movie the other day.  It has some BIG names in in.

It was released in 2008, so it was more than likely shot around the 2006 time frame.  Before the chocolate milk dick sucker made any babbling of wanting to live in the house of cracker in the swamp.

It tells a tale of FedGov conspiracy, CopDom, civil unrest, and domestic terrorist.

Sound familiar?

If you get a chance check it out.  Some Hollywood kid slid one under the Kali socialist radar.

Spash & Dash

It must have been someone on a NASCAR pit crew painting the town red.  :)


Oct 16, 2012

Christmas Card Ideas

A buddy sent me some hilarious pics that were Christmas cards for some interesting people.

Here are some that I like.

 The preppers Christmas card

 Peace, Love & Tranquility through armed families

My favorite that needs no comment.

Oct 10, 2012