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Oct 8, 2011

This is what happens when you disarming a society.

via Free N. Carolina

Vicious racist attack against Boer by traffic cops: his toddler-sons teargassed… That's what a white c**nt looks like after we f**ked him up:  
Beeld journalist Buks Viljoen describes black traffic cops bragging about beating up 42-year-old Afrikaner farmer Rikus Ras, in front of his two terrified little sons.Little Heinrich, 2, and Rikus, 3, were with their dad in his bakkie when he was driving to his farm near Villiers. His workers were riding in the back of the bakkie, his children were in the cab.

The Ignorance

"I was laid off. I am denied employment. I have no insurance because of corporate corruption of our wonderful democratic system. Occupy Houston!"

The above quote from the Houston Chron shows the naivety, stupidity, or choose your own word for most all of these dumbass' s who have joined this hijacked movement.

Most of us in Texas know that Houston is a libtard left city with a carpet munching mayor who is almost as bad as the DC occupier with her views & policies.  I am really surprised she is not out there with them or publicly supporting them.

Several hundred protesters - young and old, healthy and disabled - converged in downtown Houston Thursday to demand greater social and economic justice under the banner of the Occupy Houston movement.