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Jun 8, 2012

Bean Counters Anonymous

Looks like DoD is going to do a inventory of all .mil equip they have passed out to all the Barney Fife's.

via The Blaze
The Defense Department has stopped issuing weapons to thousands of law enforcement agencies until it is satisfied that state officials can account for all the surplus guns, aircraft, Humvees and armored personnel carriers it has given police under a $2.6 billion program, The Associated Press has learned.

The department’s Defense Logistics Agency ordered state-appointed coordinators in 49 states to certify the whereabouts of that equipment that has already been distributed through the long-running arrangement overseen by the agency’s Law Enforcement Support Office. The temporary halt on transferring weapons applies to all states, agency officials said Thursday.

Makes you wonder if the shit was even hand receipted to the departments.
The military decided to conduct a “one-time, clean sweep” of all state inventories instead of reviewing them piecemeal, said Kenneth MacNevin, a spokesman for the federal agency. While some gear, including guns, has been stolen or otherwise gone missing over the years, MacNevin said the reporting requirements themselves aren‘t new and that the review wasn’t prompted by anything specific.

 If they were following the regulations then there should be the yearly inventory submitted.  I bet the adjustment is going to be a real bitch. Lot's of stuff just disappearing.
8–11. Inventory management 
The ACP participant assumes responsibility for the safe handling of weapons and ammunition and for accountability of ammunition. An annual reconciliation of weapons will be initiated by the ICP. A monthly inventory of ammunition will be conducted by Federal ACP and State agency ACP participants; quantities on hand will be reported to the HQ, JMC, ATTN: AFSJM–CDA, Rock Island, IL 61299–6000 (see AR 710–2 and AR 740–26).
 If they HAD conducted yearly inventories, then the records would not be difficult to reproduce or locate as most records and inventories are electronic now days.
The Illinois Department of Central Management Services, for instance, said it would take its staff members at least 500 hours merely to review the records requested by the AP.

In a letter dated May 24, the military notified the state of Florida that it had failed to certify that a “complete (100 percent) physical inventory” of weapons, aircraft, Humvees and armored personnel carriers was completed in 2011

This is for Curtis and Kenny
A report in March by California Watch, which was founded by the Center for Investigative Reporting, found that California police accumulated more equipment during 2011 than any other year in the program’s two-decade history.

Getting Old Really Sucks

UPDATE:  6/8/12

Thank you Craig, Brock & Miss V for the kind words.

Today thanks to time, the new anti-inflammatory pills and God, I can walk and move around.  Two full weeks I was not able to function as normal.

This is something I would only wish on an enemy at best.

Nasty shit it is.  Damn glad I'm over it.


I remember family reunions.  Sitting around as a youngster, listening to the gray haired folks tell stories from their younger days.  Fascinated by their stories.

How many of you remember an old aunt or uncle having gout?

How many of you have experienced gout?

For the past 2 weeks I have the wonderful experience of gout.  And let me tell you, it sucks.

The Friday before last I spent about 4 hours in the garden.  That evening watching the boob tube, I had a slight pain in my ankle, like needing to crack your knuckle.  No biggie, my ankles pop & crack all the time.

Saturday morning at 5am my alarm went off.  I popped out of bed from those days of reveille or a trash can banging DI at basic (trainer for you young pukes).  Old habits die hard.

So up I jump and down I go.  Hit the floor with a loud "FUCK"

I manage to drag my ass up and to the bathroom to "try" the 3 S's.  My ankle is swelled a little but hurts like a MF.

I some how make it to work by 6.  By this time it aches all the way up to my hip.  Not that simple panging pain, but a deep bone ache. It was so bad I contemplated calling my boss and telling him to find someone to get their ass in.

So fast forward to yesterday and 4 days in bed.  For a week and a half I have been hobbling around with a serious limp.  As in I can't flex my ankle. Tylenol, Naproxen and Ibprofen don't cut this shit.  My ankle is swelled up so big that my toes can't touch the ground when my foot is flat and they look like Vienna sausages.

I can tolerate quite a bit of pain, but this is a deep bone aching pain that try as I might, there was no way to push through it.

I gave in to my wife's nagging a head to the doctor.  Nope, not broke or sprained.  You have GOUT.

He wrote me a anti-inflammatory for gout and vicoden for the pain.

The morale of the story is that if I needed to respond to something, I was screwed.

I was completely immobile.  No shuffle, maybe crawl or hop.  Another words, a sitting duck.

So there comes to mind that thing Bill's been harping on......LocalLocal,    Local

Because when you you really need help, folks 60 minutes away, hell 30 or even 15 minutes away are just too far.