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Jun 17, 2013

Hung out to dry


Well I did the first run. Got just over 2qt.

This was a learning curve of many facets.  The wash was still sweet, so I used to much sugar.  This shit perculated for 5 solid days and the SG was just below 1.

The sweet spot on the device is 181F at the top of the column.

Once it gets past 160F, the heat build fast...really fast.

I did a light pack on the column.  Only used 1/2 roll of copper in two different rolls

The heads hit 180.  The hearts were a steady 160 and the tails I stopped at 120 as they stopped burning my tounge.
I am like a 6yr old who has found his ding-a-ling and it feels good. 

Lots of practice to do.

Those who know...know.

Gonna bust my cherry in 5 days.