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Mar 5, 2012

Jobs in East Texas

The electrical CO-OP (Sam Houston Elect. CO-OP) I work for has posted 3 positions.

Chief Financial Officer

Communications Specialist

System Analyst- Network

Here is a link to the jobs

The place is great work environment.  Good benefits and retirement as well as 401k.  No lay offs in it's 75 year history.

If you are interested or know of someone give it a shot.

with the job market now days.  Every bit helps.

Do We Burn It To The Ground?

T.L.'s latest piece.  

Read it...

Understand it...

We take this piece of paper, this treaty, to mean everything, because it supports our rights and gives us basis for claiming them from our government. It gives us righteous indignation where those rights are violated. It is the only thing extra-governmental that provides us with proper footing on which to petition our government for redress. That or outright rebellion.

And, where to begin? With whom do we take up the first charge? Who has done the most direct damage to our rights? Who has been there at every turn to declare our demands insufficient and unjustified? Who has the power to decide whether we have those rights or not? Whether they have been violated or not?
 Breathe it...

Live it...
What individuals should be the first target of our ire?

Stew on these questions for while. 

The Relability of Drones

Remember that drone the sheriff's office in Montgomery county bought this past year?

The test flight didn't go as planned.  :)

via Examiner
Vanguard CEO Michael Buscher said his company's prototype drone was flying about 18-feet off the ground when it lost contact with the controller's console on the ground.   It's designed to go into an auto shutdown mode, according to Buscher, but when it was coming down the drone crashed into the SWAT team's armored vehicle.

The damage was not severe, according to Buscher, who described only some 'blade strikes' on the prototype drone that was being shown off to the Montgomery County Sheriff's tea
Here are some findings fro a GAO report on drones
The GAO study found that 65% of drone crashes were caused by mechanical failures.  The study analyzed Pentagon and NASA data on 199 crashes of drones on battlefields

The 73-page GAO study found 17-percent of the crashes studied were blamed on operator error and 12-percent were listed as unknown causes.

That Crazy Ass Lamb!!!!!!

You might think the title holds some other meaning.  Think again.

This past weekend I was planning on going to Washington on the Brazos for the Texas birthday celebration.  As this is the true birth place of Texas.

I was informed that we would be going to a jackpot show here in Livingston.  Jackpot shows are what FFA & 4-H kids do to practice for their county fairs and to fine tune their animals.  Kinda like pre-season baseball games.

Any-Hoo.  My daughters show lamb is bat shit crazy.  It has not mattered how much she has worked with it, that thing needs some Prozac.

So he we were getting ready for show, as they were finishing up heifers.  My daughter wanted to get the lamb down and dress up her legs and do some spot cleaning.

So, I am holding onto the lambs neck so my wife and daughter can get the lamb coat off it.

All of a sudden this damn 140lb lamb get a case of the red ass and starts lunging.  She knocks me off balance and onto my ass I go.

Keep in mind that I am the only one holding on.

This crazy ass thing breaks out on a sprint with me still swung onto her neck.

Luckily I was able to slow her down enough with my fat ass so somebody could rescue me.  Because at this point I am ready to get my knife out and slit it's throat.

The damn thing did fine for her in the ring.  I think it hates me.

So yesterday and today I am sore all over.  Bruises on the inside of my thighs where I was trampled.

Needless to say, I have had better weekends.

Trinity man bites off man's nose during argument

What ever you can get a hold of in a fight is fair game.  Ears, nose, fingers, ANYTHING.

via KTRE
TRINITY, Texas (KTRE) -  A Trinity man had part of his nose bitten off during an argument Saturday morning at a Trinity residence.

Trinity Police arrested Lance Taylor, 24, on a charge of aggravated assault.

Chief Steven Jones said the victim woke Taylor up Saturday morning so that he could go to work. Jones said Taylor started arguing with his girlfriend, who is the victim's sister, over money and keys. Taylor got angrier and the 18-year-old victim tried to break up the argument. That is when Taylor wrestled him to the ground and bit off a portion of his nose.

Jones said Taylor bit off just about every part of the nose that was not bone.