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May 26, 2012

Some Black Sabbath w/ a twist

Couldn't resist with the earlier post. 

 I'm in a sarcastic, kick the fire ant mound kinda mood today. 

So enjoy a kick ass tune with a laugh


Some good jam'n tunes

Barrel Smoke: Bippity Boppity BACON

 45er over @ Barrel Smoke has been curing his own bacon.

Stop over and check out the results.

Man I feel like going pig hunting soon.  I have never made/cured my own bacon.

Looks easy.

Barrel Smoke: Bippity Boppity BACON: To start off, I will show you an amazing piece of discussion regarding bacon.  It's everything I believe on the subject: Heh.  O...

Guayana Punch

Here is a tribute for all the movers & shakers rattling around the punch bowl.
Disclaimer:  the movers & shakers referred to above are are the characters referred to in the links, not the owners of the blogs.

You may ask who is this small time blogger to put out something like this, he isn't one of the "group"....

I'm just a middle age peckerwood running around barefoot in the Pineywoods. 

So just keep running back for refills of punch.

Soon the bowl will be empty and then where will you be??????  You'll have that nasty, dogshit like taste in your mouth.

You gonna wish you knew somebody with this...