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Aug 10, 2012

Red Dawn Trailer

I was at this party and....

Shit got real wild

A mother bear and her three cubs broke into a Norwegian cabin this week, reportedly drinking more than 100 beers, eating all the food and even knocking over a wall.

Another victim in the War on Drugs

From my neck of the woods.

Some local entrepreneur has taken a heavy loss in their business venture.  It is a large investment to cultivate that much acreage.

the grow was located on an 800 acre tract of land and had several fields along Sandy Creek that contained approximately 30,000 marijuana plants. 

While some cheer that these evil plants are gone, I look at this as a valuable intel trove.

You have all these faces and who they work for.  In a small community, it's easy to find personal details on them.  Plus, the whirly bird and the Winnebago just seem to call out.  Target.

One think I wonder about is the below comment.  Did they use trail cams or was it a drone.

The large operation was discovered about seven weeks ago and has been monitored by police and included the use of cameras.

More info HERE with video
He said nobody has been found on the site and no warrants have been issued.