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Nov 4, 2011

White House on Subpoena-Kiss My Ass

As usual, the occupier thinks he can do what he wants by trying to slip one past on a Friday afternoon.

The irony is in the justification.  He has yet to do anything according to the Constitution.

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The White House on Friday all but refused to turn over the documents House Republicans have subpoenaed on bankrupt solar firm Solyndra, firing off a letter saying the request would put an "unreasonable burden on the president's ability to meet his constitutional duties."

Wicked Witch of the Bayou

I'll get you & your pretty 1911 to.  HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA

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People like New Orleans city councilwoman Cynthia Hedge-Morrell, for instance. She’s seen enough gun violence in her town and is by-God going to do something about it. Her solution: random traffic stops to look for for illegal guns. No potential for abuse there.
It’s a practice she says former Chief Richard Pennington used in the 90′s. Hedge-Morrell says something drastic needs to change in light of the Halloween shootings on Canal and Bourbon Street that left two people dead and 14 others injured.

The councilwoman says she doesn’t believe technology will solve this problem, but instead, street policing will. She’d like to see more officers concentrate on certain neighborhoods so that they could figure out where the hot spots are and then target those areas.

Howdy Army Computer Nerds

Host Name:bc-cachesvr.gordon.army.mil Browser:IE 7.0
IP Address:  Operating System:WinVista
Location:Augusta, Georgia, United States Resolution:1024x768

ISP:Headquarters, Usaisc

2012 DNC Discriminates Against Charlotte Businesses, Demands Unionization

It appears that the union thugs & obama's NRLB are trying to force the issue of right to work in North Carolina by only using union workers for the DNC.

via Redstate.

The company has done very well in the large format printing business.  Large format are basically the types of signs you see everywhere.  Think of a concert or a sports game.  Now picture all the “enter here” and “ticket booth” signs that find their way into events of that type.  Heritage Printing & Graphics is one of the companies that competes for that business and they did well enough that, when the DNC announced they’d be holding their convention in Charlotte, John was tasked with making the pitch to land some of the work.

According to John, statistically speaking based on their size and clientele, it was a fair bet that Heritage could land at least 25% of the available work which he estimated to be about $1 million.

After continually receiving no return phone calls from the people that would review bids and determine vendors, John started working harder to land the business.  Donuts that he would send to their offices would be eaten, thank you’s would be said, but still no follow ups.  No call backs.  No  business.

 The person that John spoke to is an executive on the Charlotte in 2012 Host Committee who are central to the planning of the convention and how things will operate in Charlotte.  There are only a handful of executive members of this committee, but John refrained from naming anyone specific.  Ultimately, which one it is may not matter.  What does matter is how the conversation went.  According to John, he approached this person to see why he couldn’t get any traction with the committee.

They responded by asking him, “John, are you a union shop?”  When John told him he was not, the Committee member told him, “We were just told that we cannot accept bids unless they are from companies that are unionized.”

“Cannot? Or will not?,” John asked.  ”Cannot,” was the response he got.

When he pressed to find out who to complain to, he was not given a straight answer.  After spending some time thinking about, accepting that the jobs would not go to his company, John decided he wanted his story to be told.  Not for political reasons so much.  He says he thinks that partisanship need not enter into this.

New "Old" Classics

ICON 4x4 makes some good "old" classic off-roaders.  The prices are real steep, but I bet they are sweet.

 The FJ model starts around $120k.
Fuel injected 350HP/350TRQ Alloy V8
Five speed manual transmission
Atlas II part time transfer case with a crawl ratio of 87:1
Dynatrac/Dana 60/44 based axles
Vented and slotted power disc brakes
12" travel Coil suspension with front and rear sway bars
Dedicated .180" wall chassis with unmatched rigidity
Hand crafted 5/32" 5052 H32 aluminum body
Innovative powder coat finish in 8 colors
Polyurea coated under body and floor surfaces
Stainless steel body hardware, marine grade textiles
Mandrel bent stainless steel exhaust system

Models offered:

The CJ3B is in the range of $80k.

The New School package stands out. Designed and finished like the industrial tool it is.

Full suspension travel enabling ride height.

Volcanic black matte powder chrome-moly six point role cage structure.

17 " Volcanic black matte powder coated steel wheels.

BF Goodrich 285/

The Bronco hasn't been released yet, but some of the forums are saying it's in the $120k area.