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Jan 27, 2012

Peoria Police Sgt Investigated by SS for FB Pic

You know what happens to snitches???

A post on the Facebook page of a veteran Peoria police sergeant depicting the photo of seven Centennial High School students in Peoria, four with guns and one holding up a T-shirt with a bullet-riddled image of President Barack Obama, was brought to the U.S. Secret Service's attention by a citizen and an "appropriate follow-up" is being conducted, a Washington D.C-based spokesman for the federal agency told The Republic Friday.

Bacon for the Fairer Sex

Compliments of Home on the Range

Scent by the gods. I sprayed it on. It didn't smell like I was dipped in bacon grease, it was a very elegant and subtle floral/spice/citrus scent, with the most decided undertone of BACON! 
Forget pepper spray for muggers. I have anti jihad spray for extremists!!

Just doing some redecorating

Look at the funny looking mother******

Bayou City CopDom.  

Walking down the street with a pint of Blue Bell.

JBT's set him up with with the post title for justification

When he saw what was going on, he got on the horn w/ his lawyer.

That's when they decided to make shit up & arrest him..

He fought it and won.

To bad it took a jury to clear this BS up.

Here's the story from FOX Houston

NASA & the Bridge: A Tale of Sheer Stupidity

You would think that if they can fly shit into space, land it on a different planet and drive it around, that they could measure the height of the boat and drive it under the bridge.

I like this quote.

And it's too early to speculate on exactly what caused the wreck

How about the damn thing was to tall??????

More .GOV incompetence.

I wonder how much they will suck from my wallet for this oops.

via yahoo

Two spans of the Eggner Ferry Bridge at US 68 and Kentucky 80 were destroyed Thursday night by the Delta Mariner, which was too tall to pass beneath the structure. No injuries were reported on the bridge or in the boat, which was carrying rocket components from Decatur, Ala., to Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

The ship was traveling up the Tennessee River on its typical route to Florida's Atlantic coast when it hit the aging steel bridge, which was built in the 1930s and handles about 2,800 vehicles a day.

The U.S. Coast Guard is investigating the collision. And it's too early to speculate on exactly what caused the wreck until that probe is done, said Sam Sacco, a spokesman for ship owner and operator Foss Marine.

It's a Bird......It's a Plane....It's

Feel Good Gun Story of the Day

Any return fire is better than none.

via Reading Eagle

A store owner returned gunfire after a masked man shot at him during a failed robbery attempt Wednesday night at 10th and Robeson streets, police said.

Four armed, masked men were trying to rob the store when owner Teodro Reyes fired back at one of them, investigators said.

As the robbers fled empty-handed, one of them fired three shots toward the store as he ran north on North 10th Street, police said.

Jan 26, 2012

Pig Stick'n...Can you do it?

I came to this from Knuckledraggin.

Matthew brings up some very good points on blade work.

If it came down to brass tacks, could you kill someone with a blade?

Knife work is down & dirty.  You will get bloody & it has a distinct smell.

Are you ready for it?  Can you do it?

You best make up your mind & quick because practice time is a tick'n away.

Here are the links.  Good reads with lots of pertinent info.

Read them more than once, that's how important they are.


To what extent are you willing...and capable of saving your life? If no gun were available could you ...would you...are readily capable of doing so with a knife.

Would you slit an attacker's throat?

Could you use a knife to filet three inches of forearm off of a rapist, a serial killer?

Can you descend to that primal place of fight at bad breath distance and prevail?


Everything about fighting starts inside your head.

Gun, knife, or hands. It makes no difference.

The response that begins in your head flows to your hands

Pre-crime Alert

Don't forget about the Precogs. 
Wait, did I see Tom Cruise.....Oh..My    

via Cryptogon

The police department in the city of East Orange, New Jersey is installing red spotlights to remotely shine on those police believe are about to commit a crime.

understand that you do so at your own peril

Brian Kemp the DA in Georgia who is trying to hold Barry's feet to the fire to officially declare him a illegal alien, has dropped his nuts and is holding to his guns.

The lawyer for the pResident is pulling their usual shit.  But he ain't skeered.

via WH Dossier
President Obama will ignore an order by an Atlanta judge to appear in court Thursday for a hearing in a case challenging his qualifications under the Constitution to be president.

Jablonski states that while waiting for Kemp to do as requested, “we will, of course, suspend further participation in these proceedings, including the hearing scheduled for January 26.”

“To the extent a request to withdraw the case referral is procedurally available, I do not believe such a request would be judicious given the hearing is set for tomorrow morning,” the Kemp letter states. “Anything you and your client place in the record in response to the challenge will be beneficial to my review of the initial decision; however, if you and your client choose to suspend your participation in the OSAH proceedings, please understand that you do so at your own peril.”

Reach'n for the Sky...Not

Another feel good story.

A 65 yr old man takes care of himself with a CCW in Penn state on a hiking trail.

They tried to rob him.

He kills one & wounds the other.

Reason Kajillion to carry a firearm.

The moral of the story....The ol' Don't judge a book by it's cover thing


A 65-year-old man who was knocked off his bicycle by three teenagers on a Pennsylvania trail shot two of them, killing one, police said according to reports. 

Read the last line in the article.  Yep, the DA knows whats up.

The man was released by police after they consulted with District Attorney John Adams late Wednesday, WFMZ reported.

Global Supply Chain Security

DHS is making a push to control all the marbles.

They want to control the food movement, fuel movement, building materials movement, etc.

Get it while you can, because we may not be able to soon.

Secretary Napolitano Unveils National Strategy for Global Supply Chain Security

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano today unveiled the Obama administrations National Strategy for Global Supply Chain Security at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The Department of Homeland Security is committed to facilitating legitimate trade and travel, while preventing terrorists from exploiting supply chains, protecting transportation systems from attacks and disruptions, and increasing the resilience of global supply chains.
We must continue to strengthen global supply chains to ensure that they operate effectively in time of crisis; recover quickly from disruptions; and facilitate international trade and travel, said Secretary Napolitano. As a part of this effort, we look forward to working closely with our international partners in the public and private sector to build a more resilient global supply chain.

The National Strategy for Global Supply Chain Security outlines clear goals to promote the efficient and secure movement of goods and foster a resilient supply chain system. It also provides guidance for the U.S. government and crucial domestic, international, public and private stakeholders who share a common interest in the security and resiliency of the global supply chain.

Jan 23, 2012

Six Daughters in Camouflage: A Father's Legacy

A lady's tale of survival on multiple levels.

A very good read & something to consider very hard.

via Survival
For now, my daughters (now high school and college girls) wear camouflage just for fashion. Not many people outside our family know that each and every one of them can make their own snowshoes, siphon gas, transform volcanic rock into a hydroponic garden, repair a bike, bake bread, shoot a wild turkey, sprout a salad, make a duct tape hammock, milk a goat, service a generator, purify water three different ways, catch fish with a bed sheet, navigate by the sun, disable an intruder, and start a fire 14 ways without a match.
Their Dad would have been so proud…

Daily Dose of CopDom

via Injustice Everywhere

Here are the 18 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this weekend of January 21-22, 2012:
  • Austin TX police allegedly kept a citizens panel ruling that a fatal shooting incident by a cop violated policy a secret while they continued to justify that shooting. The chief responded to the release by vowing to punish the person who released the info. [4] bit.ly/xifuzx
  • Dallas TX police say emergency lights & siren are not required while speeding after a cop fatally strikes a pedestrian in crosswalk. [1] bit.ly/AiP3gM
  • Chicago IL police board releases details on 6 officers fired in the last 4 months over cases ranging from 2-8 years old. [1] http://bit.ly/ycg4jb
  • Carlsbad CA cop suspended and arrested on suspicion of 2nd degree burglary, officials refuse to give details [2] bit.ly/yAnrDa
  • Brooks Co TX sheriff, now at Falfurrias PD, investigated for questionable use of over $500k in forfeiture funds [0] bit.ly/zQzqcN
  • Dallas TX cop arrested on drunk driving charges after off-duty single car accident at intersection [0] cbsloc.al/xTCTGF
  • 2 Tulsa OK cops fired after beating corruption charges in case where judge said they should have been convicted [0] bit.ly/xHWlHP
  • RCMP to be subject of class action lawsuit on behalf of 94 female officers alleging sexual harassment and abuse [3] bit.ly/zArCzO
  • Savannah-Chatham GA cop pleads guilty to extorting drugs and a cellphone while working security at a nightclub [0] bit.ly/yV6Kli
  • Janesville WI police chief gets deferred prosecution deal dropping charges for punching cop & resisting arrest during a domestic dispute. [0] bit.ly/zpkB5I
  • Hudson TX police chief resigns after suspended 30 days while subject of unspecified criminal investigation [2] bit.ly/wE5xOw
  • San Fernando CA acting police chief placed on leave while subject of unspecified misconduct investigation [2] bit.ly/w88lm3
  • Shreveport LA cop suspended while under investigation over unspecified allegations of policy violations [3] bit.ly/zzuGdH
  • Louisville KY cop under investigation after hitting pedestrian w/cruiser, police say pedestrian did nothing wrong [0] bit.ly/xAUJp2
  • Sandusky OH police officer sued for injuring family in his 4th traffic accident in the last 4 years [0] bit.ly/x2j3il
  • Sylvester GA cop injured along w/other motorist after falling asleep at wheel and crashing into oncoming car [0] bit.ly/xEhbD1
  • New Jersey port authority police officer charged w/DUI & vehicular assault after hitting 17yr-old skateboarder [0] bit.ly/z3H9Kc
  • Soddy Daisy TN cop arrested on drunk driving and possession of a firearm while intoxicated charges [0] bit.ly/AvPKqE

The Menu

Now this is my kind of menu!!!

via TTAG

Dear IRS

 He also lists 17 reasons why he has not filed a return in 12 years.  Good info.

via Truth is Treason

Dear IRS,

Whereas the Internal Revenue Code defines a “withholding agent” at IRC 7701(a)(16), which states, “The term ‘withholding agent’ means any person required to deduct and withhold any tax under the provisions of Sections 1441, 1442, 1443 and 1461.” The first three sections apply to nonresident aliens and foreign corporations, while 1461 simply makes the agent responsible for monies collected.

Therefore, as I am neither a nonresident alien nor foreign corporation, my employer is not required to withhold income tax from my paycheck and since I no longer choose to volunteer, I submit this letter and demand the appropriate form and instructions, based on the above definition, i.e. the law, which I can then present to my employer to legally halt having income tax withheld from my paycheck.

(signed) A. Patriot

Gas Price Spike Act, H.R. 3784

More redistribution shit the enemies are trying to choke down more of the surviving economy.  It seems the royalty of DC is once again spending other peoples money.

via The Hill

The Gas Price Spike Act, H.R. 3784, would apply a windfall tax on the sale of oil and gas that ranges from 50 percent to 100 percent on all surplus earnings exceeding "a reasonable profit." It would set up a Reasonable Profits Board made up of three presidential nominees that will serve three-year terms. Unlike other bills setting up advisory boards, the Reasonable Profits Board would not be made up of any nominees from Congress.

The traitors are:
  1. Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio)
  2. Reps. John Conyers Jr. (Mich.)
  3. Bob Filner (Calif.)
  4. Marcia Fudge (Ohio)
  5. Jim Langevin (R.I.)
  6. Lynn Woolsey (Calif.). 

No surprises there.

If these asshats are so hell bent on the redistribution of "wealth", then they need to step up and "redistribute" some of their wealth to their minions. 

But...the Oprichnina are above the law.  Maybe not for long......who knows which way the winds will blow.

Repercussions of NDAA?

Could this be the first incident in people saying "we will not stand for anything NDAA" or was it a night hunter?

Time will tell.

via Military Corruption

It was nearly twelve midnight on Friday, Jan. 20, at Camp Shelby, Miss., when a military policeman was shot while on routine patrol. His bulletproof vest stopped the slug and saved his life.

The unidentified MP was rushed to Forrest County General Hospital as a precaution. He was later released.

Officials at the largest National Guard training facility east of the Mississippi River are tight-lipped about who might have tried to kill the military policeman.

The gunshot came out of the dark and the attacker fled the scene. Sources say the incident could range from someone trying to steal scrap metal, all the way up to a possible terrorist incident. One thing is for sure. Whoever got off the shot, which struck the police officer in the chest, fully intended to kill the MP.

Investigators say the shooting took place at the North Gate, which begins at the southern boundary of the city of Hattiesburg.

The area on the 134,820 acre installation is usually fairly quiet late at night, with only a National Guard building and vehicle park in the immediate vicinity.

Both the Forrest County Sheriff's Dept. and the Army's CID are investigating. No word yet on whether or not the FBI has joined the search.

What Could Go Wrong??????

via USA Today
Geothermal energy developers plan to pump 24 million gallons of water into the side of a dormant volcano in central Oregon this summer to demonstrate technology they hope will give a boost to a green energy sector that has yet to live up to its promise.

Even so, the federal government, Google and other investors are interested enough to bet $43 million on the Oregon project.The U.S. Department of Energy has given the project $21.5 million. That has been matched by private investors, among them Google with $6.3 million.

Jan 22, 2012

Just Pondering-Updated w/ comments

OtL has an update to his post from some one who saw it go down.  I have some words to say, but will hold my tongue, as they would be construed as threats against LEO.  But I will say Santa is making a list & checking it twice.

Lancaster Citizen at 1:21 PM January 22, 2012
I see the comments…but on this one I was there. This dude just finished coming into my buddy’s store, bought a few items, talked with us, he was very peaceful. Now you could tell he had a drug problem, but this guy was wearing a t-shirt, and sweat pants….those flimsy kind with the drawstring in the front, there is no way those would manage to hold a gun much less anything else….He was on a kids BMX bike. So as far as the thug comment…this dude was not one. and the shots rang out, police were there in less then 30 seconds after that…and i mean alot of them. They could have handled this so many different ways, but like always….they decided to shoot…and they shot ALOT of times…dude couldn’t have been bigger than 5’9, and maybe 150 pounds….and the so called “suspect”….he was a witness…and we seen with our own eyes…they threatned to kill him too…I would have ran too. But these cops will walk…go home to there families…and this dude went home in a bag. SMH.

On to Liberty has a post up on a man murdered by LEO for riding a bicycle on the sidewalk.

Curtis @ Battliefield USA has a similar story from his area.

 In the past year we have saw more of these stories.  At some point the some citizens are going to stand up and say enough is enough.  We have seen few people stand up and fight back.  But, I'm talking about "what's good for the goose is good for the gander" thing on a large scale.

The fuse is lit,  it's anybodies guess as to how long it takes to burn down.

Just somethings to ponder on a Sunday afternoon


The writing on the wall

More & more folks are seeing the writing on the wall.  Most of these are new comers and they are worried.

via Down Range

I did not think much more about it till I visited a good size gun shop here last Saturday. I was shocked, the parking lot was full and inside the store you could hardly find a spot at the counter (and like I said this is a large gun shop).
The store had 3 telephones on speed dial trying to get background checks done, the phones were on speaker so I could hear them. The applications were stacked up because of the wait. I heard an employee saying they had not seen this much activity before, apparently it was over the entire country.

Jan 21, 2012

Latest Drudge Poll

Total Votes: 340,530

III% T-Shirt-update II

1/21/12-  T-Shirt came in yesterday.  A full 6 days ahead of their stated delivery date.

The shirt is 100% cotton & seams are double stitched.  The graphics are spot on.  It looks just like the pics below from the site.  Sam-Thanks for the Hi-res pic for the back.

The only bitch I have is the tag says mad in Hati.

So if you like them.  Head to III% Blog and pick one up and check out the other gear.


Here is the link to the design if you want to buy one.  Plus the shipping was free.


It's easy to go in and change up the color of the print & color/style of the shirt.  You know for the ladies & chilluns.

I was surprised just how easy the design process was.  Opens up many possibilities.


The shirt has been ordered and due to arrive on Jan 26.  I'll put up a post on the quality of it when it gets here.

I threw this together on a T-Shirt site.

Below the shirt is pricing.  Cost drops considerably with more items bought.

I am gonna pick up one irregardless of the cost.  Let me know what you think or if any changes to make it better.

1 $28.55 each $28.55 total
10 $18.77 each $187.70 total
25 $11.92 each $298.00 total
100 $8.13 each $813.00 total

David & Goliath-UPDATE

1/22/12-The oldest came home yesterday and showed us picture she took of the test in the "geography" class.  She held fast and did not answer the questions on islam.

  • What are the 5 pillars of islam?
  • What is the difference between sunni & shia sects?
  • What place do muslims go to once in their life?
  • What is this called?
If these type religious questions are taking place, they a far above the minimum requirement from the state.  Why doesn't Christianity get equal billing?  You know the answer.

Resist, fight, do anything. But do not sit quietly.


    We felt like David back in the Old Testament when he came face to face with Goliath.  This past week my wife and I have been locked in combat with the local school district.

    My oldest daughter, who is a freshman, was doing some homework last weekend and she asked me what the 5 pillars of islam were.  That's right.  This was for her AP Geography class along with 4 other questions regarding islam.  No questions like this for Christianity.

    We blew a gasket.  My wife told her not to answer the questions and she sent a scathing letter to the "coach" teacher.  Tuesday she came home and said that basically he mocked us said and we were stupid for this.  Oh, and the questions would be in the new "EOC" tests.  These are the new finals for kids in Texas so they can go to the next grade.

    Next she sent out a prayer request/info email to our contacts.  Some were teachers that agreed with us.  The next day I spoke with the principal,  who agreed with me that it was wrong.  But what could she do...It was on the state curriculum.  Pass the buck...My hands are tied....Sorry, nothing I can do....yada.....yada....yada.

    Below is the state says the school must teach.
    17 (B)
    describe major world religions, including animism, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Sikhism, and their spatial distribution; Supporting Standard
    Yesterday I went with my wife to the district WMA meeting (Baptist Womens Missionary Auxiliary).  There she put it out for a prayer request.  Those ladies literally gasped when she said that "our" schools were teaching islam, but not Christianity.

    By the time we made it home, there was a call from a local very influential family matriarch.  she had already heard about it from the WMA ladies and wanted to find out directly from my wife.  She was fired up about this.  One of her immediate family is a school board member and didn't know about this.

    One of her closing comments was "we'll see about this".

    After this I decided to contact my state rep just to see how this battle could go.  I spoke to the office manager in Dayton.  she was shocked and we discussed some of this.  She was concerned and after speaking to the rep would get back in touch with me.  Her comments were we are a very conservative district and this is BS.

    So as the day dawns, we will see what new battle presents it self.  But we will not back down on this.

    Christians, patriots, you know who you are; we must not give concessions anymore.  We have did this for many years.  NO MORE.  we must stand for what we believe in.  Fight for our Rights from the God.  Not let our children be corrupted by the scum that roams the halls of education and indoctrinates them.

    One seed.  One person.  Water it and it will grow.

    Jan 18, 2012

    Rock'n & Roll"n


    If you want III Gear then here is where you need to go!

    Sam is throwing out ideas & info like a 240B eating a belt.

    If you need some extra $$$, then read on his offer here.  The sky is the limit and so is your imagination.  Get Some.

    Bill is working on a project that will knock your socks off here.  This will be a good one.  PATCOM has started a wildfire and the winds are a blow'n.

    Libertas inaestimabilis res est

    Sexy things that make you smile all night

    TSD Combat Systems has a line of AK variants that look real nice.

    But just like a good wife, she will cost you up front, but the returns are priceless.

    Here's the link

    TSD Combat Systems produces the pinnacle of the Kalashnikov series. By integrating the best of both eastern design and western shooting methods, we bring you the most accurate and modern Kalashnikov without any loss of reliability. We do this by beginning with brand new unfired Saiga rifles that are cherry picked by our staff. You will not see any crooked barrels or canted sights, nor will you hear the typical builder excuses of why its an AK and its alright for it to not be excellent. Our rifles are in fact excellent or we do not sell them.

    The Year I Accidentally Grew Wheat

    Read the comical story of one man's journey from seed to loaf.

    Think you could do it from scratch.  It opened my eyes.  Time to re-look at some equip, preps and rethink some processes.

    You might have the same thoughts as I did with this.

    via Survuval

    I'd like to share a recent adventure in practical survival skills that I stumbled upon by accident. Luckily for me this was not a disaster that forced this, but instead the natural friction that occurs between man and wife. In the course of a year I grew a crop of wheat, harvested, processed, and made a loaf of bread. The adventure was that I did not start out to do any of those things! In the course of this learning experience I found out that things “everyone knows” are not, in fact, easy to find out.

    “we got drunk one night and someone made a bet.”

    Innovation at it's best.

    The drunk bet with the follow through.  They made a AR platform 50 cal muzzleloader.  LOL.  That's right.

    Yep, you read that right. As if Tactical Bacon wasn’t zany enough CMMG is making a 50 caliber muzzleloading AR-15. The main charge and projectile are loaded down the front of this 20 inch barrel, but the user needs to place a primed 5.56 case (no powder, just the primer) in the chamber to light the thing off. The gun uses a standard AR-15 bolt and bolt carrier but the gas system is inoperable, meaning you need to manually cycle the action. Ammunition is stored inside the single shot sled-like magazine block. When asked why they made such a thing, the rep replied “we got drunk one night and someone made a bet.”

    I really like CMMG products.  They have quality items at reasonable prices.

    Converting .303 British to .410 Shells

    Great tip from Down Range.  Check out his other posts.  Tons of good info.

    I like to tinker and experiment with guns and ammo. I have reloaded my own cartridges for many years am always thinking of ways to do it more efficient and save money. This would be especially helpful in a survival situation. I was recently thinking of reloading shotgun shells using the all brass cases, these would be preferable because they would last longer than plastic shells.

    I was on line looking at 12 gauge brass hulls and also saw 410 hulls for sale. They both ran about $25 for a box of 25, not too bad so I started looking at loads for 410 shells and ran across a link where 410 shells could be made from 303 British ammo. I decided making my own shells would be better that paying for them so I scrounged around and found an empty 303 cartridge and decided to experiment.


    TO THIS:

    A Slice of .....

    The folks who have the Pioneer Living Survival site are selling their cabin.  If I had the money and was a little close, I would consider it.  Below are the details.  Photo's  HERE....HERE....HERE

    It is in SE Oklahoma. It is 760 sq feet with a big under cover side area. It is on 6 ac and also has a 16' x 21' green house frame and a 200' shed/tack house. It has a well and power but it is a primitive cabin for $25,000. If interested contact Milandred at pioneerliving dot net
    All that for $25k.  This would be a great weekend home to improve on or leave it & use as a get-a-way place.


    Those Damned Yankee's

     Damned Yankee's

    The yankee's are invading again.


    via SNN

    An SNN reader from occupied-Florida sent in the below note and pictures, demonstrating the way in which Yankees have colonised his local area (sadly, they are no longer confined to urban centres but are ‘developing’ out into the country). Notice how they have named this fully Yankee neighbourhood ‘Bull Run’ (the Southern name for that battle was Manassas - Southerners named the battles after the nearest town while Yankees named it after the nearest river).  And they put the names of their imperialist leaders such as the war criminal William Tecumseh Sherman and the drunken invader and hopelessly corrupt Ulysses S Grant.

    January 18, 1943

    If only.....

    Remember that.

    Today in 1943 the Nazi's rolled into the Jewish ghetto's of Warsaw.  They shot 600 and arrested 5,500.  Then the ZOB & ZZW resistance groups began their work on the traitors.

    Don't be the sheeple and go blindly.


    There is a message other than the obvious here.  But I still like the shirt.

    Jan 17, 2012

    Skull & Crossbones

    Does anyone have a cool scull & crossbones images.  Preferably hi-res.  Working on an idea for some image branding for us.

    Either send me a email at the right side or comment with the link.



    Texas City girl wards off burglars with dad's gun

    Compliments of Your Crazy Uncle

    Another happy ending...compliments of a gun

    via The Daily News
    A 15-year-old-girl turned the tables on a pair of intruders early Saturday afternoon.

    At 12:52 p.m., Texas City police received a call from the girl saying there was somebody trying to get into her house in the 7300 block of Meadowlark.

    “She was home by herself in the bathroom and when she called — she was hysterical,” police Capt. Brian Goetschius said.

    The teen said she heard the front door jiggle and when she looked out, she saw two men standing there, Goetschius said.

    The girl called her father, her aunt and the police. Then she got her father’s handgun and went outside, Goetschius said.

    One of the men had gone into the garage and was attempting to steal a pickup. The girl did not know where the other one was.

    She confronted the man in the garage and he ran away, heading east on Meadowlark. He was followed by his accomplice, who had been inside, searching the house, Goetschius said.

    “It had been ransacked,” the captain said.

    LSW brings up a good point.  Watch for the fallout & screeching of how dare the parents have a gun that a teen has access to.

    I was listening to the so called conservative talk show host saying it might not be a good idea for a teen to use a firearm to defend herself at home. To me, she done right and never should feel ashamed about brandishing a handgun in self defense to protect her home.

    Shhh...Don't Wake the Baby

    Cowboy Tactical

    Getting geared up for aliens & zombies.

    I'm undecided about it.

    via TTAG

    Mercs War on Drugs

    BBC (Spanish edition) via Activist Post has a article on how U.S. Department of Defense Counter-Narcoterrorism Technology Program Office (CNTPO) has transferred the war on drugs (WoD) to those PMC's.

    CNTPO issued "no bid" contracts to PMC for operations in countries that the US wages the WoD.

    The "no bid" contracts, issued under the Counter-Narcoterrorism Technology Program Office's $15 billion dollar budget, are described as "non-specific" and are said to be "juicy" for the private contractors. The Pentagon says "the details of each cost in very general contracts do not go through bidding processes."
    Not only that, but there is no Congressional oversight to keep them in check as the subcommittee's claim that the ops are secret and not public info.

    But this move is not without risk, as private mercenaries have known to operate outside of national and international laws.  "Here we go into a vague area where the rules of engagement are not clear and there is almost zero accountability to the public or the electorate," said Bagley.

    The Pentagon maintains that it's perfectly legal, and mercenaries must follow strict parameters. However, Bagley points out that "few members of the Oversight Committees of the Senate and the House are aware, but they are required to keep secret, so all this flies under the radar."

    Based on a 2009 DoDIG report , CONTPO has a history of letting these PMC's off their leash to do what they want.

    The contracting officer (CO) is the one who holds the check book.  They are the ones who are warranted and are legally authorized to obligate, financially, the Govt.  Read the report to see the details of the below.

    SMDC contracting officers and the contracting officer’s representatives (CORs) did not
    properly manage the 35 task orders reviewed, valued at $98.8 million. Specifically, the
    contracting officers did not do the following:
     Maintain complete contracting files or require all parties involved to sign memoranda of agreements.

     Properly use firm-fixed-price contract line items for 28 task orders valued at $32.5 million for de facto cost-type contracts.

     Properly use firm-fixed-price contract line items in 10 task orders for $16.1 million to buy commercial items; instead they used cost-plus-fixed-fee contract line items and could waste about $439,000.

     Properly exercise options for four task orders.

     Properly identify or manage Government-furnished property by requiring accountability for an undeterminable quantity of Government property including personal locator beacons, night-vision goggles, and encryption equipment.

     Obtain a Theater Business Clearance before contract award for six task orders
    from the Joint Contracting Command for Iraq/Afghanistan in Afghanistan.

    When I worked for the Govt, ot was in the realm of Govt. property (GP).  Govt. Furnished property (GFP) must be tracked, accounted for, inventoried, marked as GP, etc. Especially sensitive equip.  The below is from Page 16 of the report.
    The contracting officers also did not properly manage the Government-furnished property provided to contractors.  Specifically, the contracting officers either did not maintain any property records or they did not maintain complete property records for CNTPO property in the contract files. The property included personal locator beacons, night-vision goggles, and encryption equipment.
     Those who were in the service, what would your CO do if you lost one of those equipment?  You would get UCMJ'd & lose the $$$ of the acquisition cost.

    As a bonus, why do they need encrypt gear?  NV?  There is commercial gear available for them to use.  No need to use GP.

    There is a ton more in the IG report.  But it's from 2009 and the problems more than likely have not been fixed.

    These mercenaries are allowed to wage war in countries, that Big Brother doesn't want to appear that they have invaded due to political fallout, with no form or fashion of oversight/accountablility from the command that issued the contracts or from Congress.

    This should give us a clear picture of times to come CONUS.  But they will be worse.

    Defense Against the Psychopath


    This pdf read lays out what to look for in a psychopath and how to counter them.

    They must have used our lusterless leader as a case study.

    The urge to save humanity is almost always a false-face for the urge to rule it.
    H.L. Mencken

    The Key Characteristics of a Psychopath
    1. Lack of empathy
    2. Lack of remorse
    3. Superficiality
    4. Grandoisity
    5. Irresponsibility
    6. Impulsive Behavior
    7. Poor behavior control
    8. Lacking goals
    9. Compulsive lying
    10. Manipulative
    11. Anti-social behavior