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Jun 9, 2012

Homemade Ballistic Mask

I came across this site, The Post Apoc.  It has  some good, but different, ideas.

He had a post up where he built a ballistic mask and then tested it against some different firearm rounds, not while wearing it.  See the vid.

The concept and build are cool and offer some insight & ideas for some DIY projects.  On a side note, I didn't know that kevlar fabric is cheap, so to speak, at $20/yd

I once saw a kevlar ballistic mask in a tactical catalogue for $400.  I’d just finished playing through Army of Two, an Xbox shooter in which the protagonists wear heavy body armor, including ballistic masks.  So, naturally, I thought “Sweet!  I want one!… but not for $400 effin’ bucks.”

Thus, I decided to build my own.  First, a base.  I thought about starting with a plaster mold of my own face, but I wanted something a little stouter – something inherently designed to take punishment, but also light weight and simple.  I found a vintage street hockey mask on ebay for $10.

A Must Have Map

This is a must have map for the summertime family ventures and business trips.

The only map you need.

hit the link and roll your mouse over the map for a zoomed full detail view.

Sawmill Niggers

How many of you from the deep south have heard the term "Sawmill Nigger"?

How many of you think it refers to a lazy black person who works in the saw mill?

After the jump is a picture of a sawmill nigger.