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Sep 4, 2013

Keep this in mind when they come for you...


A [unnamed] Lodi Police SWAT officer had a Glock 35 with a flashlight in his thigh holster at a children’s reading event when a boy managed to pull the trigger and shoot the officer,” sacramento.cbslocal.com reports. “The officer was showing off the department’s SWAT truck, vest and other gear at a children’s event called Reading Roundup on Aug. 24. ‘A small child, witnesses tell us was 6 to 8 years old, was able to walk up to the officer and was able to pull the trigger.’” The bullet hit the officer’s leg causing a minor injury—and a lot of freaked-out kids. TTAG reader Hasdrubal responds to the SWAT guy’s negligent discharge (ND) . . .

The Circus is in Houston

Watch out for these clown if you are in Houston.

From the head clown:

Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland struck a pedestrian at a downtown intersection Wednesday morning, HPD has confirmed.  The chief was on his way to work around 8:15 when he stopped at Clay and Travis.  A spokesman said McClelland looked in all directions before turning left onto Travis.  That’s when a pedestrian stepped off the curb and was struck by the chief’s car.  The man was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital with minor injuries.