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Dec 31, 2012

Trust us...we are here to help.

Remember I posted the other day that NORTHCOM is up to no good 

NowCurtis brings this to light from Sin City.

The Nevada National Guard will conduct its annual training exercise in conjunction with New Year's Eve events in Las Vegas with more than 200 troops at locations around the Strip, at McCarran International Airport and on standby around the valley.

The exercise, described in a news release from the Guard's headquarters in Carson City, is "an internal domestic operations" activity that will begin Sunday and run through Tuesday, New Year's Day.

Dec 28, 2012

NORTHCOM with More Conditioning

Conditioning the troops is just likeconditioning muscle memory through repitition.  They will react with out thinking.

NORTHCOM trains to counter rioting hurricane victims

3-321 FAR trains to support US Army North
FORT BRAGG, N.C. — 82nd Airborne Division Soldiers trained to respond to a Category 5 hurricane in and around Simmons Army Airfield, Dec. 10 to 12.
The culminating training event was an opportunity for Troopers of 3rd Battalion, 321st Field Artillery Regiment, XVIII Fires Brigade, to prepare for their upcoming assignment as a quick reaction and rapid response force for U.S. Army North Command in support of emergencies in the United States.

Dec 26, 2012

The Braken Phophesies

DH: Will this happen all at once?
RB: They hope to make it happen at the same time. Big cities first, with sections being set apart from the rest of the country. Then the rural areas. There are two different plans for geographical considerations. But it will all come together.
Will this be like living out Matt Brakens books (EFAD)?

Doug Hagmann has a inside source at DHS that is laying out what most of us already know.

But some things are going to be much worse that Joe Q Public has any idea about.

Part 1

DH: There’s a lot here. Let’s take it step by step if you don’t mind.

RB: Okay, but I’m not going to give it to you in baby steps. Big boy steps. This is what I am hearing. Life for the average American is going to change significantly, and not the change people expect. First, DHS is preparing to work with police departments and the TSA to respond to civil uprisings that will happen when there is a financial panic. And there will be one, maybe as early as this spring, when the dollar won’t get you a gumball. I’m not sure what the catalyst will be, but I’ve heard rumblings about a derivatives crisis as well as an oil embargo. I don’t know, that’s not my department. But something is going to happen to collapse the dollar, which has been in the works since the 1990′s. Now if it does not happen as soon as this, it’s because there are people, real patriots, who are working to prevent this, so it’s a fluid dynamic. But that doesn’t change the preparations.
And the preparations are these: DHS is prepositioning assets in strategic areas near urban centers all across the country. Storage depots. Armories. And even detainment facilities, known as FEMA camps. FEMA does not even know that the facilities are earmarked for detainment by executive orders, at least not in the traditional sense they were intended. By the way, people drive by some of these armories everyday without even giving them a second look. Commercial and business real estate across the country are being bought up or leased for storage purposes. Very low profile.
There is a lot of info in this interview.  Most of us have written about it, talked about it & preached it to our friends & family.

Some have listened, most have not.

Part 2

DH: Will there be resistance within the ranks of law enforcement? You know, will some say they won’t go along with the plan, like the Oath Keepers?

RB: Absolutely. But they will not only be outnumbered, but outgunned – literally. The whole objective is to bring in outside forces to deal with the civil unrest that will happen in America. And where does their allegiance lie? Certainly not to Sheriff Bob. Or you or me.
During all of this, and you’ve got to remember that the dollar collapse is a big part of this, our country is going to have to be redone. I’ve seen – personally – a map of North America without borders. Done this year. The number 2015 was written across the top, and I believe that was meant as a year. Along with this map – in the same area where this was – was another map showing the United States cut up into sectors. I’m not talking about what people have seen on the internet, but something entirely different. Zones. And a big star on the city of Denver.
Sound like conspiracy stuff on the Internet? Yup. But maybe they were right. It sure looks that way. It will read that way if you decide to write about this. Good luck with that. Anyway, the country seemed to be split into sectors, but not the kind shown on the internet. Different.

Read it all.

The final countdown is in progress.

Dec 19, 2012

Dec 18, 2012

Pimps & sheeple

It seems that the small time pimps in blue are working Sandy Hook over like a cheap whore.  They are capitalizing on the killing of children and in their little fifedoms the sheeple are coming to the sound of the pied piper like rats.

Remember...You can't fix stupid.

Dec 17, 2012

Armed Teachers in Harrold Tx

Harrold, Tx understood this back in 2008 and made the leap that should have started a trend, but the sheeple will never get it and continue to give their belly at any sign of trouble.

KTRK from 2008

Trustees at the Harrold Independent School District approved a district policy change last October so employees can carry concealed firearms to deter and protect against school shootings, provided the gun-toting teachers follow certain requirements. 

In order for teachers and staff to carry a pistol, they must have a Texas license to carry a concealed handgun; must be authorized to carry by the district; must receive training in crisis management and hostile situations and have to use ammunition that is designed to minimize the risk of ricochet in school halls.

Dec 10, 2012

I've got a secret...

Thinking of saving money by riding public trans?

Keep this in mind if you like to gab.
The RoadRunner 7000 surveillance system being marketed for use on public buses consists of a high-definition IP camera and audio recording system that can be configured remotely via built-in web server.

Dec 5, 2012

The coming storms

Watch for more of this with a forecast of dark storms ahead.

via Intel Hub

Now, in a more rural area of Maryland, a man named Terry Porter became the target of a massive manhunt involving FBI and state police after being reported to be a “survivalist” with a “collection of guns” who outlined his anger over the presidential reelection to an undercover officer.

This situation apparently stemmed from an anonymous tip from someone who reported Terry to the police because he owned guns and invested in a bomb shelter.

Where this “anonymous” tip actually came from is still a mystery due to the fact that many of the neighbors in the area who were questioned by reporters have expressed support for Terry and have said that they are extremely offended by the tax dollars and police resources that were used to hunt down a nonviolent person.

After receiving complaints from the anonymous tipper, police sent in an undercover officer posing as a customer for the mans business.
A Sharpsburg man charged last week with illegal possession of firearms is a “doomsday prepper” who told an undercover Maryland State Police trooper about an underground bunker and surveillance cameras on his property, according to a charging document filed in Washington County District Court.
A state police corporal went to Porter’s home Nov. 16, posing as a customer for the business Porter runs from his home, the charging document said. Porter got “very irritated” during a discussion of the recent presidential election and “openly admitted to being a prepper,” the document said.

What could go wrong.....

Watch for mini black outs as they will surely use this for only good purposes.

Boeing and the US Air Force have successfully demonstrated a working electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) device over a military compound in the Utah desert.  A spokesperson for Boeing stated, "Today we turned science fiction into science fact.”