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Feb 23, 2012

One man's terrorist Part 2. Plus a special message...


The second episode of Iraq war veteran David Kirk West's anti-war film inspired by his experiences in Iraq.

One Man's Terrorist is a speculative anti-war drama set against the back-drop of an America that has fallen into chaos. Elections have been postponed, martial law has been instituted, and a massive federal land grab on the California/Oregon border has inspired a secessionist movement in the "State of Jefferson" region.

The film tells the tale of both the soldiers sent in to pacify the region under the auspices of the United Nations and the homegrown insurgents who take up arms to defend their land from foreign invaders.

Watch Episode 1 here.

Episode 3 premieres online February 29, 2012.

Crazy Uncle going in for surgery

Crazy Uncle is going in for surgery on Monday.

He has some good news in all the madness.  Doc said no bag after cutting, plus she's hot.

Stop by and give him a shout.

Is America worse off than Greece?

 Is America worse off than Greece?  The numbers say it is.


Per Capita Debt


If you haven't read Braken's "Enemies Foreign & Domestic series, they are a great read.  I read them years ago when they first came out.

Head over to CA's for the rest of the story from Braken.

The idea is a national clandestine psyop, using my first novel as a vehicle. On next Thursday, March 1, Enemies Foreign And Domestic will be put into Amazon Kindle’s free library, for a period of up to five days.

Where EFAD’s free download promotion will be different from those of the thousands of fantasy/romance/vampire novels currently offered on Kindle, is that I’m simultaneously coordinating a mass plan to ensure that Operation EFAD goes hyper-viral on all constitutionally-oriented, freedom-loving, and Second Amendment websites and blogs at the same time.