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Mar 31, 2012

Standing up to Tyranny

This is what needs to happen today with the gross violations of the rule of law, Contsitution, DoR & BoI.


The 1946 battle of Athens, Tennessee

via PPJG

In 1946 the political corruption in McGinn County Tennessee was staggering.  A sheriff, a state senator and their followers had stormed the local post office, taking the locked voters ballot boxes as residents attempted to hold an election free from fraud.  What happened next is history.  Local veterans banded together and laid seige to the county jail where the sheriff and senator and various deputies had taken the ballot boxes to prevent any outcome that did not put them back in office.  In the gun battle that followed, the veterans were victorious.  It may be instances like this that cause Homeland Security to fear our returning veterans, labeling them [possible domestic terrorists]. Paranoia will do that to you.  Imagine fighting in those wars of aggression and then coming home and being treated suspiciously by the same government that sent you to war.

This is a 13 minute trailer on the “made for TV” movie, but it is inspiring in its content.  It just might help some of us understand why the 2nd Amendment is so vital to our survival.  It was the veterans who fought back against the corruption in Tennessee in 1946.

Surviving the Upcoming Suck

Survival in the upcoming suck will depend on how you can procure food & evade the swarming hordes.

Traps & snares will be an effective means of doing this while remaining quiet.

Here are some basic small animal traps & snares.

And here

If you are hunting a somewhat larger prey then one of these might work better.

FM 3-05.70 has a large amount of info that is very useful.  This is a must have and needs to be printed & saved.

Wilderness Outfitters on YouTube has a carload of video's on outdoor survival

If your tastes run to the bipedal variety, then here are some nice additions to your inventory.

Vietcong Imrovised Explosive Mines and Booby Traps


Texas Property Rights Victory

Retro Jeep

TWPD Commission: Hunting w/ Suppressors is OK

cool pics here

It includes all game animals.

Another reason to buy one, other than because I want one.

Mighty handy when hunting multiple species....

Texas: Use of Lawfully-Owned Suppressors While Hunting Legalized in the Lone Star State

Summer Healthcare Warfare Plan

via Ulsterman Report
Name Deleted -  told me his contact at -Deleted- indicated administration is already putting up warnings regarding summer chaos plan if SC decision goes against them.  Called it a “Healthcare Warfare” plan.  Muck up the administrative machine so badly there will be delays, confusion, and then anger. They are serious about it.
So add healthcare riots to the race riots that are coming this summer.
Have you stocked up all your preps?

Now is the time to make some last minute buy's.

The "Dog Days of Summer" are going be much worse with the scent of blood in the air.

Resist, fight & show no mercy.

Because they are sure as shit not going to show you any.

Abraham E. Obama

That's a negative, Ghostrider

Yesterday around 1330 there was a 2x2 flight in combat spread of F-16's go overhead at about 500 AGL.  Low enough to see that they carried wing tanks & TER's with Mk82's.  Don't know if they were dummies or HE's.

Overflights of my house by B-52's used to be a normal thing, but that was 10 years ago as they used the Lake Livingston Dam as a way point & target.  Last month after the long hiatus, the B-52's returned.