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Apr 3, 2012

Release the Krakken

The mighty warrior of Liberty called Brock of Carolina has found more signs of the Krakken spreading it's tentacles across the land.

The MSM & race hustlers of the Sharpton & Jackson clan have taken the prayers of those who are wailing & gnashing their teeth to the god Zeus.

He has heard their cry and has released the krakken to avenge the travesty they so easily spew from their orifices.

These two minions of the Krakken have done their part in securing their spots in the afterlife.

Two arrested in brutal hammer beating in Seminole

Quick Shout Out

To all my fans at the following DoD & Navy Networks


Mobile, AL

Ft. Hood

Ft. Knox


Ft. Bragg

& Eglin AFB


Oh I can't forget the US Senate, BAFTE & DoJ as well

The Journey of a Tryant

I saw this episode on Nick this morning getting the kids ready for school.

It was a perfect teaching moment.

The Fairly OddParents: "Vicky Gets Fired"
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