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Sep 19, 2011


The total now stands at $1,059,722.17, making this the fifth money bomb in this campaign cycle to pull in more than $1 million one a single day.
“Our campaign continues to grow in strength and numbers, and the success of these truly grassroots events is a telling example of Dr. Paul’s support,” said Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton.
“Our rising poll numbers and successful fundraising demonstrate that Dr. Paul’s strong message of Constitutionally-limited government, a traditionally Republican non-interventionist foreign policy and a return to sound money is clearly resonating with the American people.” Benton added.
The latest money bomb marked Constitution Day this past Saturday Sept 17.

Pretty Please

From the great island Republic of England (HAHAHAHAAH sarcasm)

This is what we have to look forward to unless we stop the socialism slide.

The .gov has decided that you will only get 9 days before they force you to starve to death or become a criminal to survive.

Send poor and hungry to charity food banks

 The move comes amid growing levels of food poverty, fuelled by rising food prices and high rates of unemployment. Under the scheme, people whose benefits have been delayed, or have been refused crisis loans, will be referred to their local food bank. A claimant will be limited to three consecutive referrals – each time giving them enough food for three days. They will be given basics such as tinned soup, baked beans, meat, fish and pasta.

Running Scared

It seems that a straw poll here in Texas was cancelled due to "lack of interest".

Ron Paul is riding high again after his California Straw Poll victory yesterday, but some Paul supporters are questioning why the Texas Straw Poll was cancelled for “lack of interest,” and whether it was actually killed because the Congressman would have inflicted an embarrassing defeat on Governor Rick Perry in his own state.

After the ass whoop'n Perry took in the California poll, looks like the above pic is golden.