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Jul 24, 2012

Kim Dotcom-Mr. President

That Time of Year

It's that time of year.

We have a native plum tree that is loaded down with fruit.

My girls picked 5lb today from the ground in a hour.
This first batch will go toward making some plum jelly.

The next big pick will be dedicated to making some delicious plum wine

I also have some "ornamental" peppers that will light your ass up.

They make an out of this world pepper sauce that goes good with pintos, chili, gumbo, etc.

US Military Reveals Coup Plan To Topple Obama

Found this over at HardTimePrepardness blog.

This comes to the EU Times.  As the tempo get faster will you be able to keep up????
A shocking Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (MTC) report red-lined to President Putin this morning warns that “various elements” within the US Military establishment are “actively planning” for the overthrow of President Barack Obama prior to the November elections.

According to this report, Russian Naval Infantry Forces commanders participating in Rim of the Pacific-2012 (RIMPAC) international naval war games off Hawaii (the world’s largest multi-national maritime exercise) this week were told by their US counterparts aboard the USS Port Royal (CG-73) that Obama had to be overthrown as he posed the most dangerous threat to the United States since the founding of their nation.

Little Hidden Gems

I was picking up some goat feed at Tractor Supply about 3 months ago.  As I was browsing the little bins while waiting in line, I found this little hidden gem for $10

The blade is 3 3/4" long with a overall length of 8 3/4".  The point I like the most of this workhorse is that the blade from butt until about 1 1/2" from the tip it is a full 1/4" thick.

The finger grooves provide more that enough purchase to really crank on it and not worry about your hand losing hold.

The knife is butt heavy, but easily utilized.  I have used it pretty heavy for the past 3 months and have not had to resharpen it since I put a razor edge on it when I bought it.

There is no name on it.  There are no markings as to the steel used for the blade.

It is a simple and stout  workhorse.  This fall I will see how well it skins deer & pigs.