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Aug 31, 2011

Scott Air Force Base: “Normal Suspicious Package” Sends Three People to Hospital

Nothing to see...Move along

via Cryptogon

Scott Air Force Base: “Normal Suspicious Package” Sends Three People to Hospital

Three people from Scott Air Force Base in southwestern Illinois were hospitalized with rashes Wednesday and parts of the facility were evacuated after a suspicious package arrived at the base’s mail center.

Maryland Fusion Center: Balloon Bombs

From the times of my misspent youth (I mean well spent)....these work

Cops Confiscate Lakewood Lady’s Arsenal; Motive Pending

In the great state of Ohio...

13 various firearms....CHECK
Snitching neighbors....CHECK
Corrupt cops.....CHECK

More infringement
Her cache somehow caught the attention of Lakewood Police, who paid a visit last September. When they found Rice wasn’t home, they asked an obliging employee of the complex to open up the apartment without her consent. Once inside, they raided the gun rack, making off with 13 firearms worth around $15,000. The only problem: They had no apparent reason to.
When Rice kindly asked to have her toys returned, the cops acknowledged that the weapons were legally owned. But they refused to return them without a court order. And so Rice has filed suit in Lakewood Municipal Court.

Fire for Effect


Islamo-Maniac Quality Control Factor

This is why the islamo-maniacs will never rule the whole world....

They need a better OSHA dept.  Check out all the workplace accidents at Weasel Zipper's

Caught Him With A Corndog

There's more in the text of the speech.  But don't ya know...He's the next best thing since sliced bread.

Gov. Rick Perry's Remarks to the Border Summit


Legislation authored by border legislators Pat Haggerty and Eddie Lucio establishes an important study that will look at the feasibility of bi-national health insurance. This study recognizes that the Mexican and U.S. sides of the border compose one region, and we must address health care problems throughout that region. That’s why I am also excited that Texas Secretary of State Henry Cuellar is working on an initiative that could extend the benefits of telemedicine to individuals living on the Mexican side of the border.

GO TEAM NAU/TTC (North American Union/Trans Texas Corridor)

The Big One

The tiny movements in the Earth that occur before the big quake happens are called tremors.

And that is what we have going on today.  From different sections of the sphere and caused by different factions.

Todays tremor is casued by Exxon partnering up with Rosneft, Russia's oil comapny that is 75% owned by the Kremlin, to eventually drill in US territory.

Russia's state-owned Rosneft teamed up with U.S. company Exxon Mobil on Tuesday in a multibillion deal to develop offshore oil fields in the Russian Arctic - one of the last regions with immense and untapped hydrocarbon deposits - in return for access to resources in the Gulf of Mexico.
The pretty things that make the world go round are starting to get real ugly and spit at him.

The 3 Little Pigs are finding it hard to stave off the big bad wolf.
We have these rumblings from within his own inner cirlcle spelling out the avenues to be OF (Obama Free).

At some point all these minor quakes and tremors are going to gel together and the BIG ONE will happen.

Batten down the hatches and get ready to repel borders on the big tsunami wave wide.

Something In My Mind


Man, 86, survives shears impaling his eye socket

An elderly American man has survived being impaled through the eye socket by a pair of pruning shears.
Leroy Luetscher, from Green Valley in the state of Arizona, had just finished trimming plants in his back garden when he fell face-first onto his shears, sending one of the handles through his right eye socket and halfway into his head.
He was rushed to hospital, where a team of surgeons discovered the shears' handle had gone 6in (15cm) into Mr Luetscher's head.
The 86-year-old has made a remarkable recovery from the incident on 30 July - he still has slight swelling in his eyelids and minor double vision, but is otherwise fine.

Aug 30, 2011

The Race

via California Tree of Liberty

Miguel Perez, current president of Chicanos Unidos Arizona and an active member of La Raza, also served as the vice president of the Latino civil rights organization MECHA in Fullerton California. He is the son of two Mexican immigrants. Perez plans to become a lawyer in order to protect the rights of Latinos. You can reach Perez at mperezlaraza1985@gmail.com.

Phoenix-based Nuestros Reconquistos claims that there will be a war very similar to the Civil War fought in the next five years. “La Raza and MEChA have already talked to Latinos and Phoenix and explained that Latinos need to arm themselves for war,” says Nuestros Reconquistos President Manuel Longoria.

Latino group claims Aztlán war in next five years

More from Miguel here.

Link courtesy Rebellion Blog

Big Enough...to Feed a Small Country

I fish in Lake Livingston so seeing gators ain't a thing.  But damn!!!!  So get the grease going and lick your lips cause tail & jaw meat is good.  And it don't taste like chicken.

This was caught on the north end of the lake near Westwood Shores.

View Larger Map


A 14-foot, 1,200 pound alligator was caught on Lake Livingston near the Westwood Shores community.

A game warden said the reptile was spotted by several concerned residents who called Texas Parks and Wildlife. The agency employed an alligator hunter to trap the creature and remove it from the community.

One resident said she spotted the alligator just feet from her home on a shallow part of the lake."He was laying right out there by that stump.

My son took a rod and reel and tried to catch him," said Gail Kinard.She said it was the largest alligator she's ever seen. Living on the lake, she said she's no stranger to these reptiles, but none have come up this big.Texas Parks and Wildlife officials said that because of a decrease in the water levels, the alligators are being spotted more often in areas where they were not seen before.  They said the alligator never caused any danger to residents or their pets.

David Hunter hunted the alligator and caught it. He said it had attacked a deer. He said because of the animals size and magnitude, it had to be killed. It was just too big and dangerous to be relocated to a new location.Kinard said she's spotted at least six alligators this summer, more than ever before. She said she is just glad the biggest one has been caught."

I don't want it here because with the water going down and stuff, they're going to be coming up here," said Kinard.The alligator hunter said this gator was one of the largest caught in east Texas.

Jokers Wild

The acts of the circus courts never cease to amaze me.   

This situation here is in Trinity county TX. An issue of easement in which there was not any documentation for the water lines to be there.

Here we have the water company Prez stating that they (the water company) did not have the legal right to use Bobby Conner’s land in July 21 article.

The lines were laid more than 30 years ago, but Jones says they can't find paperwork for an agreement with previous owners.
"We were making arrangements to move the line... Get into the highway right-a-way," said Jones.
Not quick enough for Conner.
 "I dug it up last month to let them know it was coming,"said Conner.
Fed up, on Wednesday he tore into the water line with a chain saw. 

His lawyer made this statement.  3 weeks after the incident he was arrested.  Seems to me they would have arrested him the day he cut the line.

So on Aug 30, the Trinity county Grand Jury indicts him….FOR WHAT?

Go read all the comments at the above link.  It appears that their may be some Dukes of Hazard style corruption going on.

Ah hell Bo, that's just normal here.

Trinity County Sheriff...oppressor extraordinaire.

70 Year Wild Goose Chase

California Tree of Liberty: If you are a terrorist...

This goes right along with Curtis's post. 

The 70 Year Wild Goose Chase

How did a Philadelphia family get hold of $40 million in gold coins, and why has the Secret Service been chasing them for 70 years?

The most valuable coin in the world sits in the lobby of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in lower Manhattan. It's Exhibit 18E, secured in a bulletproof glass case with an alarm system and an armed guard nearby. The 1933 Double Eagle, considered one of the rarest and most beautiful coins in America, has a face value of $20—and a market value of $7.6 million. It was among the last batch of gold coins ever minted by the U.S. government. The coins were never issued; most of the nearly 500,000 cast were melted down to bullion in 1937.

Most, but not all. Some of the coins slipped out of the Philadelphia Mint before then. No one knows for sure exactly how they got out or even how many got out. The U.S. Secret Service, responsible for protecting the nation's currency, has been pursuing them for nearly 70 years, through 13 Administrations.

The Clan

Makes you wonder about the rest of the clan?????

Obama Clan...

President Obama’s accused drunken-driving uncle — who was busted after a near collision with a Framingham cop — has had a valid Social Security number for at least 19 years, despite being an illegal immigrant ordered to be deported back to Kenya, the Herald has learned.
Related information:
Obama uncle living the dream
Onyango police report page 1
Onyango police report page 2
Onyango police report page 3
The president’s 67-year-old uncle, Obama Onyango, has had a valid Massachusetts driver’s license and Social Security number since at least 1992, said Registry of Motor Vehicles spokesman Michael Verseckes.


Aug 29, 2011

Rebellion in the Fatherland

Looks like the folks in the pResident's home land are tired of his type of shit as well.

Taxpayers Strike Back

But those gathered in this Chicago suburb earlier this month weren't facing off against impassive town officials. In a rare expression of direct democracy that invoked a 100-year-old state law, all 200 people present got to vote, and resoundingly overturned the township's plan to build a new $1.5 million civic office.

"We directed an out-of-control government to listen to the people," said Debra Holscher, the campaign's leader, who kicked off the insurrection by scribbling out a petition and getting 17 people to sign it at the town's annual meeting in April.

TSA Officer of the Year

This POS would never make it to trial where I live.

How many more are working for TSA conducting enhanced pat downs every chance they get.

DA charges Spring Creek man with lewdness

A city officer arrested a Spring Creek man Wednesday morning at the Elko Area Regional Airport, where he works for the Transportation Security Administration, on a warrant charging six counts of lewdness with a child.
The Elko County Sheriff’s Office was notified in July of possible sexual contact between David Ralph Anderson, 61, and a girl younger than 14.

According to Elko Justice Court records, the victim told investigators that on seven to 10 occasions between 2010 and this year, Anderson allegedly taught the victim about various sexual acts and had sexual contact in the form of touching each other’s genitals.

Investigators reported Anderson also told the girl to sleep in his bed and taught her to say various vulgar words associated with body parts and sexual activities.

In addition, the girl stated he would rub lotion all over her body, placed his hand up her shirt to touch her breasts, had her watch pornographic films with him, encouraged her to consume alcohol and would French kiss her.

Aug 27, 2011

Moths to the Flame

While I live in Texas, I didn't vote for Rick Perry in the last governor's election.   I voted for Debra Medina.  She ran a R, but was leaning into the Libertarian platform with her conservative stances.

While many of us Texans know the history of Perry and his campaign promises.  We also know when it comes to campaigning, he up there with the best..  He also crawfishes on those promises with the best of them.

His latest thing with DHS and wanting them to pay for housing the illegal Mexicans in prison, is just a campaign ploy.  And it won't be the last.

So....when you look at Perry, remember the moths will flock to the brightest flame.

Put on the special sunglasses and look through the bullshit.

Aug 26, 2011


via Texas Nationalist Movement

It was brought to my attention the other day that not only is the Federal spending in each state disproportionate to the federal taxes paid, but of the ten to receive the most, New Mexico tops out at $ 2.03. In other words, New Mexico receives 100.03% return on their investment. This prodded me to do some more digging and guess what I found? Thirty-three states receive more than 100% of their taxes back in Federal spending and the very coup de gras is this: WASHINGTON, DC RECEIVES $5.55 BACK FOR EVERY DOLLAR THEIR PEOPLE PAY IN TAXES

Aside from the fact that (when you add it all up and do the math) the fiscally irresponsible Feds pay back 125% for every dollar collected (try doing that with your business), the entire process is the pure definition of Socialism; take everyone's money and then re-allocate it wherever the politicians see fit to do so. Additionally, aside from perhaps a few surprises, I am telling you nothing that you do not already know. You and I have accepted this tyranny out of threat of going to jail and having done so, the Federal Government has continued to "test the envelope" by instituting one national program after another that infringes upon our freedoms, like the EPA, the FDA and all of the other acronyms that we have allowed to usurp our rights. Our weak Texas politicians continue to allow the Federal Government to override the Federal and Texas constitutions, implementing laws, procedures and ideas that harm us.

Singing the Blues...DoJ Style

If the monster wants you...There are not many options.

 Gibson Guitar Facing Heat from DoJ & FWS

Gibson's chairman and CEO, Henry Juszkiewicz, defended his company's manufacturing policies, accusing the Justice Department of bullying the company. "The wood the government seized Wednesday is from a Forest Stewardship Council certified supplier," he said, suggesting the Feds are using the aggressive enforcement of overly broad laws to make the company cry uncle.

Ripple Effect

This post was inspired by AP

AP's post on ripples in a pond  got me to thinking about the effects of ripples on events.

Most of us have seen the videos from Iraq/ AFG of the IED's exploding.

When the explosive (event) detonates it radiates outward on all axis points at its blast rate.

Then comes the real world and it forces to apply.  All the other things get sucked up in the blast and exert their resistance to it's beauty and the perfect expansion is altered.

Oleg Volk has a good picture that reflects this theory.

What if one person decided to stand up and stop the London riots...that first defining moment.  World history would be changed.

Today the British government has decided that it would be inappropriate to give away Olympic tickets of shooting competitions to kids.

Children will be banned from watching shooting events under Boris Johnson's Olympic ticket giveaway.
London schoolchildren are eligible for 125,000 Olympic tickets but these will not include any featuring guns, as Games organisers and City Hall fear a backlash from the anti-gun lobby.
Giving children tickets to the events, at the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich, could have appeared at odds with Mayor Boris Johnson's bid to quell teenage gun and knife crime.
A source said: "We decided it would not be appropriate. It's the only sport children will not be able to go to as part of the Ticketshare scheme."
The socialist are shaping the ripples to fit their view and how they want things be viewed.

As you sit there and ponder should I do this...should I get involved... should I take a stand

Should I resist

Think of the change that you might be able to make on the world.  Even if it only affects one person.

What would of happened if founding fathers decided to just sit back.

Resist, teach, move, shape things.

Alter the ripples

Gitty Up Little Doggy...

HT to the wife.

 The sheer of stupidity of some people amaze me. 

I'll let you decide which one of these two was the stupider.

Man Gets 99 Years For Cattle Rustling

 An East Texas man with a prolific cattle rustling history spanning more than a decade has been sentenced to 99 years in prison for swindling bovines from a Mississippi rancher.

Carl Wade Curry, 44 from Athens was accused of stealing 400 head of cattle worth more than $200,000 last year. District Attorney Staley Heatly says Curry placed an order with a Mississippi man using a fake name and cattle company in Vernon, where the owner shipped the cattle.

The owner contacted authorities when he didn't receive payment. A jury in Hardeman County took less than 30 minutes to both convict and sentence Curry on Wednesday evening. In the deal Curry used the name Earnest Jackson.

"He was going to mail me a check and he didn't," rancher David Sanders of Starkville, Miss., said. "Then he was going to Federal Express it to me. Didn't happen." Sanders had already shipped the cattle to a non-existent address in Hardeman County.

When Sanders didn't get paid he called the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association. A special ranger with the association located the animals before they were sold. "They really put their noses to the grindstone and got this guy good," Sanders said. Testimony at Curry's trial revealed he had stolen 2,097 head of cattle worth nearly $1 million since 2007, Heatly said

Here in Texas cattle rustling is still a hanging offense.

Aug 25, 2011

Free North Carolina: Farmer stoned to death in shallow grave

Free North Carolina: Farmer stoned to death in shallow grave

GIT SUM.....

via The Bovine

A brief history of FDA raids against providers of natural health products

Timeline of FDA raids on raw milk farmers, dietary supplement makers and natural medicine practitioners

Whispers from Your Ear

Bluetooth Used To Monitor Traffic Conditions

The report from TxDOT is that the captured signal is "anonymous"....BUT has the capability to be tracked to a customer account.
"Actually, Houston is very lucky when it comes to being able to have that data," the Texas Department of Transportation's David Fink said.

Fink assured commuters the data is collected anonymously and not archived. In theory, Fink admitted there might be a way for the data to be linked back to a person."There could be a scenario that exists where that data could be parsed out and you could link it to an actual person."


Houston's AWAM traffic program is right now in its infancy, with approximately 50 intersections, mostly near the Galleria, being monitored. But TXDOT and TranStar plan to roll out more and more Bluetooth-monitored addresses in the coming months.
 The more data gathered, means the easier it is to...

Aug 24, 2011


With perseverance...

All things are possible.

Some shots I took back in April at the Battle of San Jacinto re-enactment.



via Cryptogon

Not surprising here.

Seems funny that NYPD is operating outside their jurisdiction.  Not only outside the city, hell...outside the state.

New York Police Department Runs Intelligence Operations Outside Its Jurisdiction with Help and Personnel from CIA

 In New Brunswick, N.J., a building superintendent opened the door to apartment No. 1076 one balmy Tuesday and discovered an alarming scene: terrorist literature strewn about the table and computer and surveillance equipment set up in the next room. 

The panicked superintendent dialed 911, sending police and the FBI rushing to the building near Rutgers University on the afternoon of June 2, 2009. What they found in that first-floor apartment, however, was not a terrorist hideout but a command center set up by a secret team of New York Police Department intelligence officers.

From that apartment, about an hour outside the department’s jurisdiction, the NYPD had been staging undercover operations and conducting surveillance throughout New Jersey. Neither the FBI nor the local police had any idea.

Since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the NYPD has become one of the country’s most aggressive domestic intelligence agencies. A months-long investigation by The Associated Press has revealed that the NYPD operates far outside its borders and targets ethnic communities in ways that would run afoul of civil liberties rules if practiced by the federal government. And it does so with unprecedented help from the CIA in a partnership that has blurred the bright line between foreign and domestic spying.

Neither the city council, which finances the department, nor the federal government, which contributes hundreds of millions of dollars each year, is told exactly what’s going on.

The department has dispatched teams of undercover officers, known as “rakers,” into minority neighborhoods as part of a human mapping program, according to officials directly involved in the program. They’ve monitored daily life in bookstores, bars, cafes and nightclubs. Police have also used informants, known as “mosque crawlers,” to monitor sermons, even when there’s no evidence of wrongdoing. NYPD officials have scrutinized imams and gathered intelligence on cab drivers and food cart vendors, jobs often done by Muslims.

Many of these operations were built with help from the CIA, which is prohibited from spying on Americans but was instrumental in transforming the NYPD’s intelligence unit.

A veteran CIA officer, while still on the agency’s payroll, was the architect of the NYPD’s intelligence programs. The CIA trained a police detective at the Farm, the agency’s spy school in Virginia, then returned him to New York, where he put his new espionage skills to work inside the United States.

And just last month, the CIA sent a senior officer to work as a clandestine operative inside police headquarters.

Aug 23, 2011

Growing A$$holes

Looks like the Univ of Michigan is growing assholes.


Another milestone for custom-crafted transplants: the world's first lab-built sphincters. The breakthrough offers hope to countless people who have become incontinent through damage to their own anal sphincters.

Pro Libertate: Liquidate Your Local Police: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

via Pro Libertate

Pro Libertate: Liquidate Your Local Police: An Idea Whose Time Has Come: l

"Gold Rush: Alaska" Mines Shut Down

via Way Up North

The powers that be are going to everything in their grasp to control the flow of wealth/hard money that can be gained through means like the above picture.

According to the Chilkat Valley News:
In what seems sure to become another dramatic episode of "Gold Rush: Alaska," two Porcupine gold mines being filmed for a reality TV show were shut down recently after failing to meet federal training requirements. They also were cited for violations of worker-safety regulations.
 Inspections by the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration Aug. 4-8 resulted in a total of 13 citations and two compliance orders against John Schnabel’s Big Nugget Mine and the Jim Nail Placer Mine operated by "Dakota" Fred Hurt, according to a website maintained by the agency.
~ snip ~

Parker Schnabel said he doesn’t doubt that last winter’s TV exposure drew the attention of regulators. According to the Alaska Miners’ Association, there are about 200 small, seasonal placer mines in the state, which federal inspectors are required to inspect once a year. "We’ve been operating 25 years and never had a (federal) inspection," Schnabel said.


via Global Guerrillas

The Cause Of Riots And The Price of Food 

What causes riots? That's not a question you would expect to have a simple answer.

But today, Marco Lagi and buddies at the New England Complex Systems Institute in Cambridge, say they've found a single factor that seems to trigger riots around the world.

This single factor is the price of food. Lagi and co say that when it rises above a certain threshold, social unrest sweeps the planet.


Time to Get Naked

Looks like Toronto police are just like the TSA, but are saving the town folk from radiation.

Remember the Nazi's were strip searching the Jews for their safety as well

85 police strip searches a day 'too high

Police figures show that 31,072 people were strip-searched in 2010 — 85 a day — up from 29,789 the previous year.

Of the total strip searches in Toronto in 2010, it was reported that an "item" was found in one-third or 9,448 of these cases without specifying whether the item was evidence, weapons or something as innocuous as a piercing.

Aug 22, 2011

1350 fps

10 days & counting

1350 fps.....

The amount of time it takes to get from this...


Bacon-Wrapped & Jalapeno-Stuffed Grilled Dove Breasts
-10 Dove Breasts(or whatever your limit was)
-10 slices bacon-5 pickled jalapenos, sliced lengthwise
-2 tablespoons melted butter
-1 teaspoon garlic
-1 teaspoon ground black pepper
-1 teasoon salt
Mix last four ingredients together. Pour over dove breasts and marinade at least 4 hours.
Place a jalapeno half inside the cavity. Wrap each dove breast with a slice of bacon and hold all together with a toothpick.
Grill over medium heat, about 4 minutes per side, until bacon is crisp and dove breasts are brown. Serve.

Grilled Dove & Beer Marinade
-10 dove breasts
-1/2 cup red wine
-1/4 cup Italian dressing
-1/2 can beer
-1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
-1/2 teaspoon salt
-1/2 teaspoon ground pepper
In a large bowl, mix all ingredients together except dove breasts. Then add the dove. Cover and refrigerate for at least 4 hours. Remove dove breasts and save the marinade.
Grill dove over medium heat until golden brown.
In a large pot place in the grilled dove and the marinade you saved. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 15-20 minutes and serve.


From The Art of Manliness


“To forfeit something for something else considered to have a greater value.” (American Heritage Dictionary)
What are you willing to give up to get what you want?

Nothing is FREE



Aug 21, 2011

Remembering Ruby Ridge

via And I ask, whose paranoid are you?

Ruby Ridge - Nineteen Years on

On August 21st, 1992, US Marshals shot and murdered a dog and a 14-year old boy named Sammy Weaver. In self-defense, a family friend, Kevin Harris, who was staying with the Weavers, fired in response and killed one of the Marshals at Ruby Ridge, Idaho.

Over twelve days, Randy Weaver, Sammy's Father, was shot in the back while entering the shack, next to their home, to visit his murdered sons body and severely wounded by FBI HRT sniper Lon Horiuchi. The next round fired by this murderer blew Vicki Weavers (Sammy's Mother) head off while she cradled her 10-month baby girl Elisheba in her arms. The round continued on striking and wounding Kevin Harris in the chest.

Many of you reading this may think that the murderer Horiuchi was being fired upon, but you are wrong because the Rules of Engagement (ROE) had been changed to the following:
1. If any adult male is observed with a weapon prior to the announcement, deadly force can and should be employed, if the shot can be taken without endangering any children.
2. If any adult in the compound is observed with a weapon after the surrender announcement is made, and is not attempting to surrender, deadly force can and should be employed to neutralize the individual.
3. If compromised by any animal, particularly the dogs, that animal should be eliminated.
4. Any subjects other than Randall Weaver, Vicki Weaver, Kevin Harris, presenting threats of death or grievous bodily harm, the FBI rules of deadly force are in effect. Deadly force can be utilized to prevent the death or grievous bodily injury to oneself or that of another
Standard FBI deadly force rules are this:
"Agents are not to use deadly force against any person except as necessary in self-defense or the defense of another, when they have reason to believe they or another are in danger of death or grievous bodily harm. Whenever feasible, verbal warning should be given before deadly force is applied."
This license-to-kill was so obviously un-Constitutional and immoral, that members from Denver, Colorado SWAT, (assigned to the siege) agreed amongst themselves that they would NOT follow it. Obviously, the lessons taught by the Nuremberg and My-Lai Trials of "just following orders" were not lost to these men nor were the morals of our once proud Republic.

This started the first of the sieges on US Citizens that were public and subsequent wide spread discovery by the public of just how often the ATF, US Marshals, FBI and other such government funded JBT and their handlers lie.

Here is an example of lies pointed out about Randy Weaver, written by FBI Assistant Director Danny Coulson on August 24th, 1992 in a memo:
OPR 004477
Something to Consider
1. Charge against Weaver is Bull Shit.
2. No one saw Weaver do any shooting.
3. Vicki has no charges against her.
4. Weaver's defense. He ran down the hill to see what dog was barking at. Some guys in camys shot his dog. Started shooting at him. Killed his son. Harris did the shooting [of Degan]. He [Weaver] is in pretty strong legal position."
Understand, this was written DURING the siege of Ruby Ridge- AFTER Vicki Weaver had been murdered.

Since then, we had Lon Horiuchi also murder at Waco, another ATF/FBI war on the citizens of the Republic that wound up burning alive 86 children, women and men after a 51-day siege upon their Church. Horiuchi was there to shoot those trying to flee the flames. For his reward, he was kept out of the spotlight, after the charges of manslaughter were stripped from the State of Idaho, and in 2008 made a spokesman for HS-Precision, a company once held in high esteem by the shooting public for their ultra high-quality stocks though used primarily, it seems, by Jack Booted Thugs (think US government letter agencies) now.

There have been other less well known instances, others with less than such horrible endings as Ruby Ridge and Waco, but there were others directly blamed on these two events. However, the most troubling aspect of Ruby Ridge, beyond the event itself, the immoral murders of Sammy and Vicky, the lies perpetrated upon Randy and his family is the militarization of police forces across the Republic. This was denied for many years, but even Soldier of Fortune, in a full cover of their March 1999 issue had a lengthy article detailing this. Unfortunately, I can no longer find it on SOF's site, even the cover PDF, but did find the complete article at FOX News and you can read it here. From near the end of the article:
Made-For-TV Nightmare

None of the cop/soldier blur is a secret. Rather, it's what a blur is supposed to be confusing. Night-after-night, American TV audiences are treated to real-life cop shows in which SWAT teams, dressed in camouflage or black, break through doors and hold suspects to the floor with the aid of fully automatic weapons in order to confiscate cocaine, marijuana or heroine in varying amounts.

In local newspapers and on local TV, police departments show-off new programs in which Navy SEALS train local officers. Police chiefs and sheriffs brag of acquiring helicopters, armored personnel carriers and airplanes from the federal government's post-Cold War military surplus programs.

One World Wide Web site (www.policeguide.com/swat.htm) features links to 50 colorful home pages of local yokel SWAT teams throughout the United States, in Mayberry settings like Ames, Iowa, and Spartanburg, S.C.

"It's all being done out in the open, and many people don't see it as frightening," says defense lawyer Blewitt. "That's because Americans have been conditioned to think it will only affect criminals. They've been convinced society is being destroyed by crime, even though violent crime has steadily decreased in recent years, and these military-style police are our only hope. What they should worry about is an emerging police state that threatens the very fabric of free society."
On June 1st, 2011 I posted TL IN EXILE - Hardcore in response to TL's just outrage over the murder of Jose Guerena but this was just one more on the march to the Republic's full oppression. So many others may be read about here, there, and just about everywhere- DAILY! It is so horrible, that the parents of murdered Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry have been told by the DOJ that they have no standing as victims!

For those that have no clue who murdered Border Patrol Agent Agent Brian Terry is, then get out from under your rock, turn the damn bread-and-circuses crap off and read about the latest ATF/FBI/DEA/CIA Politician controlled program to suppress the rights of the Republic in the next five links.
What I have presented here are facts, facts from some of the events over the past nineteen years of atrocities that have numbed most of the Republic- desensitized them to what is coming and that is a crash on a scale of proportions not seen before. Unlike "Global Warming", this is man-made, and we allowed it to occur.

Since 1913, the legislation and tools have been increased for the Republics destruction and the militarization of police is just one key aspect of it.

Near the top, in the right column of this blog is a set of cross-hairs on a bouncing hour-ball, has been there for a very long time and it is titled: How long before it is YOU?

There are so many things working for our destruction; plans, legislation, sown distrust, and simple ignorance created by a false sense of trust in our supposed leaders. How long indeed is the proper question.

Our Founding Fathers, knew what tyranny is- they left us the tools to keep it at bay, we let those tools rust and squandered their wisdom but I will not forget these words:
"Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined." Patrick Henry
Will you?


The Quickening...Can You Feel It

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The good folks in Montgomery county Tx need to be on the look out for these buzzing around.

Montgomery County’s Chief Deputy Randy McDaniel is psyched. “We are very excited about the funding and looking forward to placing the equipment into the field. Both my narcotics and SWAT units have been looking at numerous ways to deploy it and I absolutely believe it will become a critical component on all SWAT callouts and narcotics raids and emergency management operations.”

Youtube has a vid of it flying.  One of those that unless you have the link, you can't search for it.

It seems the Montgomery County SO has received a grant from DHS to buy a whole gaggle of these things.

What's nice about them as in anything .MIL they come in a bunch of different Mods and are offensive weapon capable.
Vanguard Defence

206A S. Loop 336 W, Suite #169
Conroe, TX 77304


Basic UAS unit with CCD TV optics, standard semi-autonomous flight avionics package and turbine or piston power plant.


Upgraded UAS with day CCD TV camera as well as FLIR optics package, fully autonomous avionics package and turbine or piston power-plant.


UAS with day CCD, FLIR and thermal cameras, fully autonomous avionics and weaponized with either 40mm, 37mm grenade launcher or 12 gauge shotgun with laser designator (military/LE use only.)


Unavailable to non-military users.

Payload Characteristics

Sony FCB EX-980 CCDTV, 20X Zoom FLIR Photon 320, Tau UTAM-32 Thermal Camera

Semi/Full autonomous system radio link, Auto Take-off/Land, Pilot Assist Module, 30 hz Laser Altimeter, DGPS system with 2cm accuracy option.

U.S. Military and Law Enforcement consumers have less-lethal/lethal options including single or multiple shot 37 mm/40mm grenade launcher, 12g shotgun

Airframe Characteristics

Dry Weight: 35lbs (16 kg)
Overall Length:
96 in (243.9 cm)
29.8 in (75.7 cm)
17 in (43.2 cm)
Rotor Span:
76.5 in (194.3 cm)
Usable Load:
22 lbs (10 kg)
Cruising Speed:
35 mph (56.3 kph)
Max Speed:
70 mph (112.6 kph)
Max Range:
35 miles (56 km)
Fuel Endurance:
Turbine 45 min/Piston 3.5 hrs.

The Beauty of Resilience

This lady is not hard on the eyes, and she can handle a weapon to boot.

She is educating women about 2A and their need to be involved in it.

Regis Giles has her site here and some good shots of her here

Link updated:  Girls Just Wanna Have Guns