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Dec 27, 2011

Many More to Come

Compliments of the beloved Dick-tator and his groupies the Rimmers

via AP
After a disastrous holiday shopping season, the parent company of Sears and Kmart will close at least 100 stores to raise cash — a move that sparked speculation about whether the 125-year-old retailer can avoid a death spiral fed by declining sales and deteriorating stores.

Sears Holdings Corp., a pillar of American retailing that famously began with a mail-order catalog in the 1880s, declared Tuesday that it would no longer prop up "marginally performing" locations. The company pledged to refocus its efforts on stores that make money.

Sears' stock quickly plunged, dropping 27 percent.

Easy Fix....

This problem has a simple solution that is very beneficial.

Put down the camera and pick up the .22.

No more destruction and a little carpet cleaner for the blood.  Plus fresh meat in the freezer.

via The Blaze


Last year 14,000 state employees left their jobs.  That's a mighty big reduction on budget terms.  The article didn't say how many positions were filled again.

The report shows state workers no longer see their jobs as stable because of budget cuts, a lack of merit raises, low pay, and the potential loss or reduced retirement benefits.
State works have long been disgruntled with their jobs.  I guess the shit sandwich just got to tasting to bad for them.

Bad time to quit your job, even if it's a gubmint job.

But on a bright note......Less $$ I am paying. for them to work.   :)

via My Fox Houston

From a never ending line that snakes out of the Department of Motor Vehicles to a steady stream of children walking into Protective Services, state workers have their hands full in Texas.

Michelle is a state worker. "The job of working for the state is very strenuous at this time. We're overworked, our hours are double what they're supposed to be and our office equipment is not at the standard it's suppose to be at."

Michelle, who did not want her identity revealed, says she is one of those state workers who is part of a mass exodus. They no longer find their jobs attractive while working for the state government.

"The state jobs used to be stability but it's not because we are not forward thinkers we are not innonvators we don't have the ability to keep up with the time as far as pay," says Michelle.

And that is exactly what an audit indicates that examines Texas state employee turnover in 2011.It shows for the first time since 2008 that Texas has seen the largest number of employees voluntarily leaving what was considered safe jobs; almost 14,000 people. Why?

The report shows state workers no longer see their jobs as stable because of budget cuts, a lack of merit raises, low pay, and the potential loss or reduced retirement benefits.

Home on the Range List of Additional Deadly Sins (abridged)

I agree........

via Home on the Range

I saw somewhere that the Vatican added hurting the environment to the list of the seven deadly sins.

The current list:
Gruttony (does bacon count?)
Sloth (three toed or the other kind?)
Envy (but it's the XDM .45 in green and stainless)

Well, with all due respect to the church, if they can add "damaging the environment" to the list, I'm going to add a few of my own.

The Home on the Range List of Additional Deadly Sins (abridged)
Feel free to add your own.

Last Donut
Second Place
Monday Mornings
Monday Morning Breath
Cathy Lee Gifford
Pink firearms (sorry ladies, it's not a fashion accessory)
High metabolic rates
Women who treat other women as rivals
Express Lane Abuse

Barkley says - "Hey, you in the 12 item /cash only line - you have 33 bags of Doritoes and a second party check from the Bank of Kazakhstan? I don't think so "

Braille signs at the drive thru
Jealousy (even prisoners get time off for good behavior)
The Slim Fast "sensible meal"
Fat men in speedos
Fat women in spandex
Trophy Wife
Dumping someone by email
Barney the Dinasaur
Occupy Wall Street
Gun Bans
Edible Underwear (bacon boxers, perhaps, otherwise, no)
The Jennings .22lr
Turkey Bacon
Foreign Call Centers
Clingy women
Clingy men
Star Trek Voyager (Gilligan got home quicker than this crew)
Celebrity Fitness DVD's (picking up brass will do more for your gluts)
"Celibrity Designers" (Put "Kardashian" on a cow patty, it's still a cow patty)
Drinks with Umbrellas (EJ just informed me that if it is served on a beach, by a topless supermodel, that does NOT count).
Enzyte ads (buying a new .45 will put that smile on your face too)
Lack of Muzzle Control
And finally. . .

People that think the Government owes them a living

They sure looked like cops


How's the "can't resist unlawful enrty" shit gonna work with more & more of this going on?

Can't tell the bad guy's from the terrorists.

via KHOU

They sure looked like cops.

The five men who barged through the door of a townhouse Monday wore Houston police raid jackets and carried Tasers and pistols.  They cuffed the homeowner with a plastic tie, then kicked him in the stomach and started ransacking the place.

Even a police officer who rushed to the scene after a neighbor called for help momentarily thought the criminals were legitimate law enforcement officers working with a tactical squad.  Only after they started running did he realize the impersonators were burglars.

D.C. area: Attacks on officers ‘disturbing trend’

There is a reason for this....

It's called CopDom and folks are getting tired of it.

via WT
Police in the D.C. area have recorded an uptick in the number of fatal police-involved shootings this year, as authorities say officers increasingly are coming under attack.

“One of the things we’re seeing more of is instead of people running from police they are turning and attacking police,” Kristopher Baumann, chairman of MPD’s Fraternal Order of Police union said. “It’s a disturbing trend. We’ve had two officers shot this year.”
If it's a trend, what's the common denominator??????

The PoPo, thier training & their "I can do what I want" mentality.

Pimp's & Ho's: The Irony Edition

The irony of this is to much.  They pimp their crap out to "help" the local LEO.  Create "drama" on Discovery Channel.  And mix in some staged explosions.

With that mix, what do you get.......

A good laugh.

via TTAG

Things went swimmingly until 2009 … when the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms conducted a routine inspection of RJF and discovered 10 guns registered to the company could not be accounted for … a big, BIG problem. We’re told the feds pinned the blame on William and Stephanie — and were looking to take serious action that could have resulted in the end of RJF.
But law enforcement sources tell us … the Hayden’s struck a deal with feds in 2010, in which the two agreed to surrender their gun-making licenses … and in exchange, they could appoint a LICENSED person to take over the company. It didn’t take long for William and Stephanie to pick their successor  … they went with Vincent Buckles… — another gunsmith often featured on the reality show.

Buckles has evidently left the business, too, and now the Hayden’s have dug up another FFL holder to be the licensed firearms dealer for Red Jacket.