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Jan 22, 2013

Different Paths from past to present

Lot's of things have been happening in my neck of the woods.  Posting will be very light for I don't know how long.

I started a new job yesterday an hour south of my locale for a big drill pipe manufacturer.  Orders are heavy & production is running 24/7. I am overseeing the rail shipping dept and all of the logistics side is in a 12 hr days/ 6 days a week.  Factor in the commute and I am a tired puppy when I get home.

On the upside, this oppotrunity will provide much more green to help with things.

Now for some more good news.

This past weekend I went to a borthday party for a fellow church member and close friend.

Many things were happening at this event that reninded me of times past (as represented by the top pic).  Our preacher was there as were several of the deacons.

There was much talk about the coming storm.  There was also MUCH talk about how to best counter the coming storm with the hazards of hail, lightening and high winds to be expected.  Most of this I was tossing out to test the waters.

Folks from the church leadership on down to some of the elderly members was the same.  They are tired of it and they are ready to repeat the path of Peter Muhlenburg, John Parker and Patrick Henry.

The time is drawing near for some sitting on the edge to make the choice.

Choose wisely because the paths will soon seperate.

But in the end they will end up at the same destination, with differetn results.