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Jun 29, 2012

Drug Dogs Are a Con

Balko has this over at his place.

Seems like there is a turf war over the Nevada State Troopers drug dog program.  Current and former thugs are alleging that that the dogs are trained to "alert" on a cues.  Not actual drugs.

8 News

The dogs were being trained to alert their handlers by cues, instead of by picking up a drug's scent by sniffing, the complaint said. When a dog gives a false alert, this resulted in illegal searches and seizures, including money and property, the complaint said.

Insane killer whale story……

Hit the link to see all the cool pictures and commentary of some guys up in BC that had a pod of Orcas hunt down a seal in front of them.

Greg shouted over that he was late and going to take off for the marina. Before he could do that however, he spotted that the whales had a harbour seal on the run and they were headed our way. The next 15 minutes were to cool for words…..

Rest of it HERE

GUNSPEC: Doing what Google won't

Damn that looks like it hurt

Sleeping Angels

Poor babies just work so hard.


via Mail Online 

Eight Transportation Security Administration screeners were fired after they were captured by surveillance cameras sleeping on the job, or violating other standards.

The former employees, who all worked at the Newark Liberty International Airport, were caught napping in a baggage room

To add insult to injury, the TSA is also investigating photographs of government supervisors apparently sleeping in front of bomb-detecting monitors.

Bayou City CopDom

Welcome to Tinfoil Hat Country

Jun 28, 2012

17th Chief Traitor of the United States

Somebody got his Wiki page right.


Fuck Kraft Foods & Their Gay Ass Oreo's

Kraft Foods has decided to sponsor all those abberations against God that call themselves gay.

This is unnatural as it can not lead to any procreation.

Wile I do not like Oreo's, my kids do.

So on that note;

I'll be dipped in shit and hung out for stinkn' before I buy another Kraft product.

And to help with that, the below chart is a very good tool.

Tax to Live

Yep I got to be taxed so others can kill themselves.


High court upholds key part of Obama health law

Jun 27, 2012

Check Yourself Ho

I just couldn't resist one last fuck you at Gabe Suarez.

I think this should be his theme song.

Kinda goes with the Retribution post...wouldn't you agree???

A Little retribution

Military Ops: Livingston Tx

The past week we have been having 2-2 ship flights of AH-64 Apaches flying around town.  I thought they were ferries to Ft. Polk.

Yesterday my wife saw some troop transports around town.

Today around 1030 I saw a Apache is high orbit.  Then I saw one lift off from the woods and the other one start his landing pattern.  While going through town there was a fuel HEMMT headed in the genral direction of the LZ.

Anyone else seeing this kind of activity?

Jun 25, 2012

The Shot Shell Seat

Another Reason Why We Hunt Wolves

Kenny caught a lot of shit from the PETAphiles and others that think animals are more important than people.


They want us to be all warm and fuzzy with these cuddly big dogs.

They want us the lay with them as we do our favorite past time

Take them on walks outside.






When the reality is this is what you get when you play touchy-feely with wild animals.


not the actual attack

 via Pravada

The attack happened around 11 a.m. Sunday morning at Sweden's largest zoo when the 30-year-old keeper entered the wolves' pen to treat the animals she had helped to rear when they were cubs. For some reason the animals launched a ferocious attack on her as she was treating them, alone in the enclosure with nobody around.

The alarm was given when she had failed to make radio contact with the authorities. Colleagues went to the scene but could not enter the enclosure due to the ferocity of the animals and the emergency services were called.

All they could do was to look on helplessly as the woman, still alive, was trying to fend off the ferocious animals tearing her apart in front of their eyes. The wolf enclosure was particularly attractive to visitors because they were allowed to go inside to pet the wolves.

So when any of these PETAphiles give you grief.  Tell them to fuck off and play with a wolf.

Jun 24, 2012


Ckeckpoints of the Future

How many of us have seen Arnold in "Total Recall"?

Remember the scene where they go thru the security screening?

Looks like what the FSA encampment in north Texas known as Dallas is trying to accomplish.

Passengers would walk with their carry-ons through a screening tunnel, where they'd undergo electronic scrutiny — replacing what now happens at as many as three different stops as they're scanned for metal objects, non-metallic items and explosives.

Not only are they trying to "help" us with a faster check in time and to avoid those pesky pat downs, they want to know where we are at all times in case someone gets lost.

At a terminal being renovated here at Love Field, contractors are installing 500 high-definition security cameras sharp enough to read an auto license plate or a logo on a shirt.

The cameras, capable of tracking passengers from the parking garage to gates to the tarmac, are a key first step in creating what the airline industry would like to see at airports worldwide: a security apparatus that would scrutinize passengers more thoroughly, but less intrusively, and in faster fashion than now.

IDair makes a machine that Burcham says can photographically capture a fingerprint from as far away as six meters in enough detail to match against a database. Add facial and iris-recognition technology, Burcham said, and you have the basis for a good biometrics system that can control access to any building or room within a building.

Gabe Suarez: A King's Man

I have been out of the loop for the past several days helping some friends get their daughter hitched.

So I pop open the old browser and see what has been bouncing around and I see my post on lil Gabey stirred up quite the shit storm.  Glad I helped  get his panties all twisted up and pissy.

One of the anonymous  Gabe cult followers left this comment:

Thats an insult to Redcoats who where actually just doing their job and were for the most part honorable soldiers at least by period standards.

So now I think I'll throw a little more fuel on it.

Gabe Suarez claims to be this macho Steven Seagull/Jean Claude Van Dammit kinda dude.  He can run & gun and chew bubble gum all at the same time and still only manage to trip over his tenny shoes a couple of times.

With all the pooh-paaing he has done, the only thing he has shown is that he is a King's Man.  And as such he should be treated as one. 

Gabe  will continue to be Gabe and will be nothing more than a traitor to me and many more, the same as another famous one we all know.

Benedict Arnold

Jun 20, 2012

Must be a graduate if Gabe U

Read the whole article at the below link.   Occifer Westbrook must have attended Gabe U.

He thinks he won.

via WFAA

Dallas Deputy Sheriff James Westbrook said he wanted to see what was on Moore's camera.

MOORE: "Was I doing something wrong? What am I being pulled over for?"

WESTBROOK: "The whole group of you guys."

MOORE: "No. I was not, individually. How can you pull me over?"

WESTBROOK: "The reason you're being pulled over is because I'm gonna take your camera and we're gonna use it as evidence of the crimes that have been committed by other bikers."

MOORE: "I have not committed any crimes, and you cannot take my personal property from me, sir."

Stream Lining

Increase your odds.

How to Set up a Stream Line
  1. Find a stream that you can easily cross back and forth.
  2. Drive a post or some wood into each side of the stream
  3. Tie a Rope or some 550 Paracord from Post to Post.
  4. Tie several Fishing lines to the rope, each with its own hook.
  5. The lines can be set to different depths to give yourself the best chance of catching fish.
  6. Check your line every couple hours.
To better your odds, you can set up similar lines at various points in the stream or river.

We Will Always Win...

Read the below excerpt from a article Warrior Talk News did on the Indy law that allows citizens to defend against illegal LEO entry.

via WTN
When I was on SWAT our view is that "We will always win....even if we have to burn down your entire house by bombing it....we will win". Period. 

Not fair? Get over fair...I deal in reality friend. The reality is that you and your M4 or Custom AK are no match for ten trained guys, working in unison, and coming at a time of their choosing, to take you down. Notice that I have not even gotten into the "right or wrong" discussion.  Why not? Because it is not relevant

This is a pervasive and malignant mentality that they take against ANY ONE & ANY PLACE that they are going to run a stack on and even when they just pull you over.

They have not one care about your freedoms or liberty.

They care about one thing.

Does that make you think twice about calling them?

It should.

It should chill you to the bone and harden your heart.

If it doesn't, just read the rest of the article to understand why it should

They are willing to do what ever it takes to get you.

Are you willing to do the same?

You had better be.


Jun 19, 2012

DA: Shiner father who killed molester won't face charges .





A grand jury in Lavaca County has refused to indict a Shiner father who beat another man to death for allegedly molesting his 5-year-old daughter.


The Lavaca County district attorney said Tuesday that the evidence supports the man’s story.




Do you understand.

The Face.com platform uses our own proprietary technology to detect and recognize people's faces in photos. We have geared our technology towards high accuracy in everyday photos, and are able to scale it to billions of photos a month. The various Face.com services mash-up existing platforms such as Facebook in order to provide tagging, and as such requires your specific Login credentials in order to process photos within your friends social network. As a cloud technology, developers sign up for free and start incorporating the Face.com capabilities without installing any software, focusing only on building a great user-experience.
While we cannot reveal all our secrets behind our great technology, we regularly contribute work to academic research. If you're interested in learning more about the underlying algorithms head over to the Labeled Faces in the Wild, a great resource for most recent approaches to face recognition and where we publish our papers.

Ghost of Christmas Future

With all the turmoil in the Old Country, this is one of the things that will soon be showing up here in the New Land.

I doubt anyone will heed the warnings of the Ghost of Christmas Future.....

Make sure you have a good zero.

via BG

Drop those cherries, you're under arrest. Crops and cops are converging along Spain's journey through economic crisis: People enduring hardship are stealing the earth's bounty from farmers to help get by from day to day.

And things have happened in the Spanish countryside that make it look like the Wild West, or in some cases, Wall Street.

_ A rancher in central Spain went out one morning to view his 200-head herd of cattle and found two prized calves which had just been released into the pack shot in the head at point-blank range, and perfectly slaughtered. They were to have been prized breeders. But only the bony carcasses, with heads attached, remained in the muddy field. "Those animals were phenomenal. They were spectacular. Really fat, very well treated, and after five or six days in the field, they killed them," said the rancher, Eulogio Morales.

Jun 18, 2012

Everything is preemptive

All those handjobs at the airports.  

The roadside picnics for us. 

 The helpful people at the train station...

Those are all for us.  To make sure that we, the People, are safe in our travels and the boogeyman doesn't scare us.

via Hagman @CFP

DHS will be budgeting another trillion dollars in surveillance measures and equipment for police state tactics for two reasons.   The first is to protect the politicians and the elite who are concerned about their physical safety, and rightfully so.

“Secondly, everything is preemptive. The power elite are enabling the looting process by oppressing the truth, so they need to monitor everything. If they top can’t stop the details from getting out, and I’m not talking about news from [expletive deleted] MSNBC or the MSM news, but real news, they figure it’s going to get real ugly. DHS is not just being used as the controlling mechanism to stop people from seeking revenge against the people in power who caused the financial ruin or simply allowed it to happen, but to control information through surveillance, intimidation, and force if necessary,” stated my source.

 Feeling thirsty yet?  Grab the kool-aid.

Guess what was missing in Japan?

Got this via email.

There was  an article in the US World Report regarding the orderly behavior of the Japanese citizens and the absence of looting after the earthquake, Tsunami and nuclear nightmare.

Social scientists were baffled by the total non-existence of Looting and savage behavior in Japan considering the magnitude of this Catastrophe.

They conferred with human study organizations as well as sociology experts throughout the United States. Finally, after days and days of studies and meetings, they came to a conclusion. 

The entitlement crowd!

The Truth hurts!

Jun 15, 2012

Moonshine Bandits: Outlaw

Wonderful News...Not

I got this in on email and I thought this was a obit announcement.

My hopes & dreams are again dashed against the rocks.

Rich --

Thanks to our president, this nation's immigration policy just became more fair and more just.

Effective immediately, the Department of Homeland Security is taking steps to ensure that young, undocumented immigrants who were brought here as children by their parents, and who have followed the law since then, will be able to request temporary relief from deportation proceedings -- and will be allowed to apply for authorization to work in this country.

They're a group that we've come to call the "Dreamers" -- and today, the country they love is telling them they should be able to dream as big as they want.

For years, the President has called on Congress to make common-sense fixes to our broken immigration system. They haven't. So he did.

I am so proud to stand with President Obama on this decision. Watch what he had to say today -- then join me by getting his back.

The hundreds of thousands of people who this policy might help are people who call the United States of America home. They study in our schools, play in our parks, and pledge allegiance to our flag. Some of them have served in our Armed Forces. They've started businesses; they've started families. They are Americans in every way but on paper.

Congress still has time to pass the DREAM Act. And if they do, policies like today's will no longer be necessary.

We are not giving up on this issue.

Stand up and support the President today -- and help send the message that this first big step must be followed by a real, permanent solution from Congress:


Thank you,


Katherine Archuleta
National Political Director
Obama for America

Just a Juicy Fart

‘Not Amnesty,’ Napolitano Says: ‘It Is An Exercise of Discretion’ 


Do they really think they are fooling anyone????

Nap's above quote is like her saying she didn't shit her pants, it was just a juicy fart.

Jun 14, 2012

Exit Stage Left

This shows what proper exfil planning will do FOR you.

While the background of the story is irrelevant, with his planning and execution of that plan, he has a good lead on LEO chasing him.

His planning ate up a whole bunch of resources and personnel for 15+ hours while they scoured close by for him.

via US News
Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda told reporters at a press conference Thursday that evidence now points to a carefully planned exit strategy devised by Dr. Timothy Jorden, 49, prior to the shooting.

Police searched unsuccessfully inside the hospital for more than four hours Wednesday. The sheriff’s department helicopter also hovered overhead for about two hours before leaving. The search moved to Jorden’s home near the Lake Erie shore, where police and SWAT team members in camouflage and unmarked SUVs blocked a road leading to the house. Police later said the house was empty after nine hours of searching.

They said all vehicles registered to Dr. Timothy Jorden, 49, have been accounted for.

How far could you get in 12 hours with a nondescript bug out car loaded out?

Hunting Leases

Anyone looking for a new hunting lease location?

The below map offers locations where you will have good chances of seeing all sizes of game.


via Public Intel
Public Intelligence, a non-profit that advocates for free access to information, released a map of military UAV activities in the United States on Tuesday. Assembled from military sources — especially this little-known June 2011 Air Force presentation (.pdf) – it is arguably the most comprehensive map so far of the spread of the Pentagon’s unmanned fleet. What exact missions are performed at those locations, however, is not clear. Some bases might be used as remote cockpits to control the robotic aircraft overseas, some for drone pilot training. Others may also serve as imagery analysis depots.

The medium-size Shadow is used in 22 bases, the smaller Raven in 20 and the miniature Wasp in 11. California and Texas lead the pack, with 10 and six sites, respectively, and there are also 22 planned locations for future bases. ”It is very likely that there are more domestic drone activities not included in the map, but it is designed to provide an approximate overview of the widespread nature of Department of Defense activities throughout the US,” Michael Haynes from Public Intelligence tells Danger Room.