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Aug 5, 2012

DHS trying to buy Primasheet

So now along with the 450M rounds of 40 cal and the armored check points, DHS want to buy thin, flexible, waterproof sheets of plastic explosives called Primasheet

Plus they don't want anyone to know about it.

Yep, cut it into strips and BINGO-BAMMO you have a nice breaching charge for small DIY projects.

via Activist Post

What was lacking in the solicitation was the quantity required, budget requirements, shipping dates, and other pertinent information a business would require to know in order to put forth a bid. Here is a screen capture of the solicitation request:

The TSA might use Prima Sheet to destroy luggage and other contraband. Fine. But when a request for more information is requested – that request is ignored.

When the material being solicited for does not show up in the search engine, and the solicitation number vanishes from the FBO website, now we have something here. We have a secret.

Government Bullies

Four Types of Government Operatives: Bullies, Muggers, Sneak Thieves, and Con Men

 It seems that the fine upstanding barristers at the justice department have decided to once again rewrite the laws so they can intimidate & bully anyone they feel like.

This is from the Kim Dotcom/Megaupload case.

The United States government said Friday that even if the indictment of the Megaupload corporation is dismissed, it can continue its indefinite freeze on the corporation’s assets while it awaits the extradition of founder Kim Dotcom and his associates.


You couldn't pay me enough for this!!!