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Nov 29, 2011

Modesto ain't New York, motherfucker. We don't go for that shit around here.

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Coming in from work I hit my last stoplight and traffic came to a screeching halt, the reason being about 20 OWS protesters waving signs, disrupting traffic, throwing hissy fits and generally misbehaving.

I saw a sign that said "We are the 99%" and I was thinking Let's see, Modesto has 200,000 people in it and they've got 20 protesters. That's a far cry from 99%.

Anyways, there's this one hippie, great big motherfucker about 6' 5", crossing the street back and forth waving his sign and holding up traffic, so I yelled at him to go find a fucking job and let me get home from mine.

He responds with "Shut the fuck up and go pay your taxes" and I came back with "I do."
"And what do you get from that?" he yells.

"Self respect, you cocksucker. Try it sometime."

Then this dumb, stupid sonofabitch, walks out into traffic, comes over to my truck and then lays his hands on my door and starts to say something.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

I gassed him. I hit him full in the face with a looooong blast of pepper spray. I mean, I leaned out the window and followed him all the way to the ground with it.

He hit the ground and started rolling around crying like the little bitch he was, but he wasn't getting much sympathy. Horns and cheers erupted all around.

Just as the light changed I leaned out and told the fucking hippie "Better get used to that shit son, if you want to be a real revolutionary."

Now check this out: I didn't try to get away, I didn't try to hide, I just drove home. The law has yet to arrive, and it's been over an hour, so I'm guessing that not a single soul got my licence plate and turned me in.

Stupid fuckers, thinking they're going to get sympathy from people that are out busting their asses for a living by holding them up from getting home where they can relax, have a drink or smoke a joint and try to forget about their day.