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May 3, 2012

BREAKING: New Pic of Obama Flame

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New undiscovered photos of past Obama lover found.

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Texas Prison Rodeo

A post by Brock took me down memory lane this morning.

That led me to remember the Texas Prison Rodeo.  This was a full rodeo from calf scramble to bull riding to bronc busting.

This was a big event here in East Texas.  Inmates were selected form all the farms in the state and sent here to compete.  They actually represented the Warden.  There were no escape attempts during the rodeos.

The prion to the north of the arena is the Walls Unit.  This is where death row was, until it was moved to Polunsky Unit, and is still where the executions take place.

My wife remembers going there and watching the prisoners compete to get a $100 bill tied to the horns of a bull.  They would trek there as a whole family.  All the aunts, uncles cousins, etc.  The entire arena stadium would be packed. They always had big concerts during it as well, big names. She remembers one year Mickey Gilly did a concert. 

The prion raised all the livestock for the rodeo.  TDCJ still has a large active horse program.  They raise & train the horses used in the field.

The Agribusiness Department maintains a horse herd in excess of 1,600 head. With the exception of approximately 120 head of stock horses, the balance is devoted for security purposes. Security horses are used by Correctional Officers for the outside work squads and canine program. A 120 head broodmare herd is kept at the Goree Unit for breeding purposes.

Nothing like some youthful nostalgia.  Thanks again Brock.