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Dec 29, 2011


I just finished watching a movie called "1911".        Yahoo movies synopsis

It's when a ruler of a country and his entourage embark on a journey that will bankrupt the nation.  What follows is a rebellion that does away with the emperor.

Sound familiar?

More of these things & ideas are going mainstream.

Get ready

The Latest F&F Delivery

Looks like they got busted on the latest delivery of weapons for F&F.

The video is in Mexican, but you'll get the gist.

via Activist Post

U.S. special operations team was seen crossing the border from Brownsville, Texas into Matamoros, Mexico. Eyewitness reports mention that the U.S. convoy consisted of two or perhaps three SUV’s with what appeared to be armed military personnel on board.

The Mexican military waited on the Matamoros side of the border, and once the U.S. team crossed into Mexico, they escorted them to a nearby military base. The Mexican military and the local police in Matamoros apparently established a route to escort the Americans because traffic cops were placed ahead of time in order to quickly get the convoy through Avenida Sexta (Sixth Avenue).

A helicopter followed the convoy from the U.S. side of the border until it reached the Mexican military base. A video showing the convoy in Matamoros was broadcasted by Univision.

Va. GOP will require loyalty oath in presidential primary

Shit is gett'n crazy in  the Old Dominion state.

via Richmond-Times Dispatch

The state Republican Party will require voters to sign a loyalty oath in order to participate in the March 6 presidential primary.

Anyone who wants to vote must sign a form at the polling place pledging to support the eventual Republican nominee for president. Anyone who refuses to sign will be barred from voting in the primary.