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Nov 16, 2011

No smoking in your car

More Eco-terroism: Tofurky, Tx

This will go over like a fart in church.

via KCBD

Representatives from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are asking the town of Turkey, Texas to rename their town "Tofurky" for Thanksgiving.

PETA sent a letter to Mayor Pat Carson on Monday, offering to provide a vegan feast for the whole town.
Tofurky is described as "a savory, flavorful, 'meaty' vegan entree with wild-rice and bread-crumb stuffing that is 100 percent cruelty-free."

The meal would come with "mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes (made with vegan margarine), and vegan apple pie topped with vanilla dairy-free ice cream."

As of Monday afternoon, the Mayor's office had "No comment."

KCBD gathered reactions from the people of Turkey, Texas on Tuesday.

Here's the full text of PETA's letter to the Mayor:

Germany to give up Sovereignity

But will the volk stand for it????

Maybe she see's the writing on the wall with Greece & Italy having their PM removed from office.

via Telegraph

German Chancellor says she would give up sovereignty to achieve closer economic and political ties in the Europe as Mario Monti is appointed prime minister and finance minister of Italy and BoE warns on eurozone.

Global Stealth Tax

Garden Serf lays out, from personal experience, how "hidden fees" are being slipped into the credit card bill...

Just like he says.  It's a stealth tax on the global level.

Global Stealth Tax

Check your credit card bills for small purchases, fees, and interest charges that shouldn’t be there. This might only happen one time per month every few months for around $10. I’ve noticed this has become a trend over the past year or so. The latest for me was through the bank itself which I was able to negotiate back off my bill with a simple phone call –after I was cut off the first time (“Oh, sorry about that disconnect earlier”). Others have involved small charges for financial services from companies I never placed orders with –including one through a well-known company which frequently advertises on TV. 

Imagine these $10 charges happening to tens of millions of people across North America and Europe every month and assume 10,000,000 do not dispute it. That turns into a cash flow of $100,000,000 per month. This is easy money considering no real goods or services are actually handled or shipped (supposedly emailing a credit report doesn’t count).

Fox in the Hen House

Down in La Marque Tx, the local ISD is having some issues with a fox in the hen house.  It seems that items confiscated during searches of students came up missing from the property romm.

via KTRK
Weapons, drugs, money -- evidence seized by a local high school over several years, and now the school's police chief says some of that evidence is missing.

Chief Fields said, "At the time we didn't have any documentation to basically back up what was in the property room."

Fields replaced Washington, who was fired while under indictment in an alleged attempt to falsify documents. Those charges were later dropped.

Us against Them

They are ratcheting up the "race war" side of the campaign now.

via Communist News Network
White Americans give Obama a thumbs down by a 61%-36% margin, with non-white Americans give the president a thumbs up by a more than 2-1 margin.