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Nov 27, 2011

Store clerk shoots an armed robber twice

Damn the owner said he should have killed him.  My kind of store.

via Mail Online

Mark Headstrong had never fired a gun before. But, when a robber pointed a pistol at him, the Wilmington, North Carolina, convenience store clerk acted fast and shot his assailant twice. 

Surveillance video captures the moment Mr Headstrong pulled out his weapon and fired, dropping 30-year-old Joseph Ryan Anderson to the floor with bullet wounds to his leg and his finger. 

But Mr Headstrong's boss, store owner Musa Agil said his employee should have shot the robber dead: 'He should have killed him and this guy was soft on him.

He was trying to give him a second chance. Thugs like those should not ever be given a chance, because if that man shot Mark, he's not going to look at him and give him a chance. That's why Mark made a terrible mistake by letting him go,' Mr Agil told WWAY news in Wilmington. 

King of the Dog People

A buddy at work is letting me read this book.  It's a history of some of his kinfolk form the Big Thicket area.

I.C. Eason fought against big timber companies, oil companies & the Government and kicked their asses.

So far this is an outstanding book.  I pasted a page below that really hit home as far as what I would do to provide for my family.  At the time this happened IC was 9 years old.

Some things to think about.