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Dec 11, 2011

Oh What Fun To Be Had With This

How do you sleep next to the horse mouth bitch & how can she kiss you with dick on your breath?

Do you think that's to tame?????

If you're selected to have dinner with the Obamas, you'll be in a position very few people have ever been in: sitting at the dinner table with the President and First Lady of the United States, having a genuine, personal conversation.

So what would you ask them?

Turkey Rap

Oldie...but good

Can anyone see the logic in this decision.....

Wait, there is none.

US proposes unmanned border crossing with Mexico 

By the spring, kiosks could open up in Big Bend National Park allowing people from the tiny Mexican town of Boquillas del Carmen to scan their identity documents and talk to a customs officer in another location, at least 100 miles away.

The crossing, which would be the nation's first such port of entry with Mexico, has sparked opposition from some who see it as counterintuitive in these days of heightened border security. Supporters say the crossing would give the isolated Mexican town long-awaited access to U.S. commerce, improve conservation efforts and be an unlikely target for criminal operations.

"People that want to be engaged in illegal activities along the border, ones that are engaged in those activities now, they're still going to do it," said William Wellman, Big Bend National Park's superintendent. "But you'd have to be a real idiot to pick the only place with security in 300 miles of the border to try to sneak across."

Childhood Memories

A couple of posts by Brock & The Feral Irishman have got me to remembering some of my childhood antics.  Step over to Brock's link to read about one of them.

Here is another that every time I remember it, I laugh at how I didn't kill myself growing up.

I grew up farming row crops and I loved to fish.  My Grandpa Myers (Mama's daddy) had a lake house about 30 minutes from the farm.  One day he pulled out some worm rods to get some fishing worms.

These were two rods that he had wired up and when put into the ground & plugged in, the electric field would run the worms to the surface.  Boy I thought that was cool as shit.

Now mind you I was 9 or 10 at the time.

So one day I was going to go fishing, and didn't hunt night crawlers the night before.  I thought I would be slick and get some like I saw Grandpa do.

We had a old TV antenna out back so I went and broke off a piece of it and took an old extension cord.  Wired it up I did.

I stuck it in the ground, plugged in the cord and waited for my bait to appear.  After about 5 minutes, no worms, so off I went for the shovel.  Dug my bait and went fishing.

Daddy drove truck to make ends meet and he was on the road right then.  He came home that evening and Mom was telling him that something was wrong as there was no power inside the house.

Well, 10 yr old boy's are not well versed in electrical things.  I had wired both ends of the extension cord to the ONE rod.

I blew not a simple round glass fuse, but one of the big shotgun style fuses in the old farm house we lived in.

Boy I got my ass tore up over that.  Almost as bad as when I set mama's hair on fire.  She was sitting in the kitchen and I decided to stick a pair of tweezers in the socket right above her head.

This was in the early 70's with big hair & lots of hairspray.

There were many good times growing up.  I look back and laugh.  Not a care in the world, but as to what I was going to play tomorrow.

Feds Falsely Censor Popular Blog...

Mozart has a good post on last years seizure on numerous sites for copy-right infringement and the fight to get one back from the tyrants..

Read the link on the post for the outrageous & true tale of how this seizure was kept hidden from even the lawyers of the sites owners.

No filing papers, no info, no nothing but "Trust Us" from the FedGov lawyer.

via Looking in the Mirror

Maybe you like Rap Music maybe you don't. The actions of the government toward this blog site might -  Make Ya Wanna Bust a Cap!! 

Link To Article

 Breaking News: Feds Falsely Censor Popular Blog For Over A Year, Deny All Due Process, Hide All Details...

 from the copyright-as-censorship dept

Imagine if the US government, with no notice or warning, raided a small but popular magazine's offices over a Thanksgiving weekend, seized the company's printing presses, and told the world that the magazine was a criminal enterprise with a giant banner on their building. Then imagine that it never arrested anyone, never let a trial happen, and filed everything about the case under seal, not even letting the magazine's lawyers talk to the judge presiding over the case. And it continued to deny any due process at all for over a year, before finally just handing everything back to the magazine and pretending nothing happened. I expect most people would be outraged. I expect that nearly all of you would say that's a classic case of prior restraint, a massive First Amendment violation, and exactly the kind of thing that does not, or should not, happen in the United States.

But, in a story that's been in the making for over a year, and which we're exposing to the public for the first time now, this is exactly the scenario that has played out over the past year -- with the only difference being that, rather than "a printing press" and a "magazine," the story involved "a domain" and a "blog."

                                                         Read More

She's So Ugly......

Sorry couldn't resist

You've heard the expressions:
  • Triple Bagger-1 for you, 1 for her & 1 in case the light comes on
  • Chew your own arm off in the morning ugly
  • Last call beer goggles
Chime in if you have some more appro phrases to add.

Bombshell charges are whipping through Washington that Michelle Obama is sneaking out of the White House to romance a secret hunk as the President fights to stay in the White House. You'll learn why the rumors are flying and who insiders believe the First Lady is meeting up with - only in the current GLOBE.

This link is not authorized by Yahoo!

Brock at Free NC has a great post on how life was back in the old days of the South regarding family worship. 

Once again the yankee portrayal of the massa beating his slaves with a whip and the them being worked from sun up to sun down with no food or water, ad nauseum is a dead and stinking.

But when I clicked on Brock's link to go to the site, I got the below message from Yahoo.  WTF!!!

This link is not authorized by Yahoo! If you would like to continue to this link's intended destination at your own risk, click here

It now seems that Yahoo is now trying to tell us what we can look at.

Mah dear Scarlet....How dare those dastardly evil yankees do this.   (That's me)

Here is the link to the site and their banner.

The Militarization of LEO: H2O Edition

I find it hard to believe that a 34' offshore style boat with triple 300 Mercs can operate effectively in 12" of water.  Then factor in the armored hull, associated load out.....OH and don't forget the 6 MG's.  That's right they need 6 M240B's on the boat.

The link has a video of it.

via KVUE

The solution is a new weapon aimed to stop smugglers and criminals before they reach Texas' shores. At 34-feet long, powered by three 300 horsepower engines and armed with six machine guns, the "JD Davis" resembles a military patrol boat.

The $580,000 shallow water interceptor can patrol in just 12 inches of water and is the first of a planned fleet of six such vessels comprising the newly-created Highway Patrol Tactical Marine Unit.
Each vessel will be named after a DPS trooper killed in the line of duty. Jerry Don Davis was shot and killed in 1980, and the first cruise of his namesake vessel was taken by members of his family.