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Jun 25, 2012

The Shot Shell Seat

Another Reason Why We Hunt Wolves

Kenny caught a lot of shit from the PETAphiles and others that think animals are more important than people.


They want us to be all warm and fuzzy with these cuddly big dogs.

They want us the lay with them as we do our favorite past time

Take them on walks outside.






When the reality is this is what you get when you play touchy-feely with wild animals.


not the actual attack

 via Pravada

The attack happened around 11 a.m. Sunday morning at Sweden's largest zoo when the 30-year-old keeper entered the wolves' pen to treat the animals she had helped to rear when they were cubs. For some reason the animals launched a ferocious attack on her as she was treating them, alone in the enclosure with nobody around.

The alarm was given when she had failed to make radio contact with the authorities. Colleagues went to the scene but could not enter the enclosure due to the ferocity of the animals and the emergency services were called.

All they could do was to look on helplessly as the woman, still alive, was trying to fend off the ferocious animals tearing her apart in front of their eyes. The wolf enclosure was particularly attractive to visitors because they were allowed to go inside to pet the wolves.

So when any of these PETAphiles give you grief.  Tell them to fuck off and play with a wolf.