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Jun 22, 2013

Sex Toys for AR's

I know...it's 0430 and my work day is winding down.  I was scrolling down thru the latest Ammoland email and saw this.

A cock ring for your AR with the exclusive exciter buttons for your missus.

What's You Zip Code

How many of us have been asked what our zip code is while shopping?  Our phone #'s?

Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Home Depot and the list goes on.

Do you freely give this to the clerk?

You might want to think again before you do...

How does this work? In one of their brochures, direct marketing services company Harte-Hanks describes the GeoCapture service they offer retail businesses as follows: “Users simply capture name from the credit card swipe and request a customer’s ZIP code during the transaction. GeoCapture matches the collected information to a comprehensive consumer database to return an address.” In a promotional brochure, they claim accuracy rates as high as 100%.