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Jan 18, 2012

Rock'n & Roll"n


If you want III Gear then here is where you need to go!

Sam is throwing out ideas & info like a 240B eating a belt.

If you need some extra $$$, then read on his offer here.  The sky is the limit and so is your imagination.  Get Some.

Bill is working on a project that will knock your socks off here.  This will be a good one.  PATCOM has started a wildfire and the winds are a blow'n.

Libertas inaestimabilis res est

Sexy things that make you smile all night

TSD Combat Systems has a line of AK variants that look real nice.

But just like a good wife, she will cost you up front, but the returns are priceless.

Here's the link

TSD Combat Systems produces the pinnacle of the Kalashnikov series. By integrating the best of both eastern design and western shooting methods, we bring you the most accurate and modern Kalashnikov without any loss of reliability. We do this by beginning with brand new unfired Saiga rifles that are cherry picked by our staff. You will not see any crooked barrels or canted sights, nor will you hear the typical builder excuses of why its an AK and its alright for it to not be excellent. Our rifles are in fact excellent or we do not sell them.

The Year I Accidentally Grew Wheat

Read the comical story of one man's journey from seed to loaf.

Think you could do it from scratch.  It opened my eyes.  Time to re-look at some equip, preps and rethink some processes.

You might have the same thoughts as I did with this.

via Survuval

I'd like to share a recent adventure in practical survival skills that I stumbled upon by accident. Luckily for me this was not a disaster that forced this, but instead the natural friction that occurs between man and wife. In the course of a year I grew a crop of wheat, harvested, processed, and made a loaf of bread. The adventure was that I did not start out to do any of those things! In the course of this learning experience I found out that things “everyone knows” are not, in fact, easy to find out.

“we got drunk one night and someone made a bet.”

Innovation at it's best.

The drunk bet with the follow through.  They made a AR platform 50 cal muzzleloader.  LOL.  That's right.

Yep, you read that right. As if Tactical Bacon wasn’t zany enough CMMG is making a 50 caliber muzzleloading AR-15. The main charge and projectile are loaded down the front of this 20 inch barrel, but the user needs to place a primed 5.56 case (no powder, just the primer) in the chamber to light the thing off. The gun uses a standard AR-15 bolt and bolt carrier but the gas system is inoperable, meaning you need to manually cycle the action. Ammunition is stored inside the single shot sled-like magazine block. When asked why they made such a thing, the rep replied “we got drunk one night and someone made a bet.”

I really like CMMG products.  They have quality items at reasonable prices.

Converting .303 British to .410 Shells

Great tip from Down Range.  Check out his other posts.  Tons of good info.

I like to tinker and experiment with guns and ammo. I have reloaded my own cartridges for many years am always thinking of ways to do it more efficient and save money. This would be especially helpful in a survival situation. I was recently thinking of reloading shotgun shells using the all brass cases, these would be preferable because they would last longer than plastic shells.

I was on line looking at 12 gauge brass hulls and also saw 410 hulls for sale. They both ran about $25 for a box of 25, not too bad so I started looking at loads for 410 shells and ran across a link where 410 shells could be made from 303 British ammo. I decided making my own shells would be better that paying for them so I scrounged around and found an empty 303 cartridge and decided to experiment.



A Slice of .....

The folks who have the Pioneer Living Survival site are selling their cabin.  If I had the money and was a little close, I would consider it.  Below are the details.  Photo's  HERE....HERE....HERE

It is in SE Oklahoma. It is 760 sq feet with a big under cover side area. It is on 6 ac and also has a 16' x 21' green house frame and a 200' shed/tack house. It has a well and power but it is a primitive cabin for $25,000. If interested contact Milandred at pioneerliving dot net
All that for $25k.  This would be a great weekend home to improve on or leave it & use as a get-a-way place.


Those Damned Yankee's

 Damned Yankee's

The yankee's are invading again.


via SNN

An SNN reader from occupied-Florida sent in the below note and pictures, demonstrating the way in which Yankees have colonised his local area (sadly, they are no longer confined to urban centres but are ‘developing’ out into the country). Notice how they have named this fully Yankee neighbourhood ‘Bull Run’ (the Southern name for that battle was Manassas - Southerners named the battles after the nearest town while Yankees named it after the nearest river).  And they put the names of their imperialist leaders such as the war criminal William Tecumseh Sherman and the drunken invader and hopelessly corrupt Ulysses S Grant.

January 18, 1943

If only.....

Remember that.

Today in 1943 the Nazi's rolled into the Jewish ghetto's of Warsaw.  They shot 600 and arrested 5,500.  Then the ZOB & ZZW resistance groups began their work on the traitors.

Don't be the sheeple and go blindly.


There is a message other than the obvious here.  But I still like the shirt.