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Jan 13, 2012

PATCOM 2012-The Gathering

I am off to PATCOM tomorrow.

I finally get to meet some of the folks I have been talking to through the blogs & on the phone with.

I have pictures of what each should look like in my mind.  Let's see how close I was.  Craig hit me right on the head with his guess.

I am excited to finally meet these gentleman & ladies.  I hope that more will be there tomorrow than who is now there.  I pray for a good attendance because more hinges on these local meetings than most know.

Bill and I have discussed this in-depth on many occasions.  Many great people are pooling their resources, knowledge and lives to move us forward in this battle.

If you don't know who they are, just look to the sidebars of most of our blogs.  Some choose to work out of the spotlight.  It's not about the glory.  It's about our freedom.  The freedom of our children and grandchildren.

in libertate uestra

Rich Timm 

Houston......132k Illegals Working

The figure come from a report generated by the Greater Houston Partnership.

They have the false belief that amnesty for the illegal in Houston would make everything better.  Go on take another hit of acid.

Just think if that money was earned by real Americans.  What would that do to the 7.6% unemployment in the Houston area?

Look at the industry groups that have the highest salaries.Mining & logging $181k/yr.  Now pick up your jaw from the floor.

Think of all the money they send back to Mexico.  Did you know this is the second highest revenue for Mexico.

 2011 saw $23 Billion sent back to Mexico.

I have no problem with people from other countries immigrating here the right way and assimilating into America.  If you say you are a Mexican, German, Somali, etc living in America, then take your sorry ass home and don't let the door hit you in the ass.

We have enough REAL AMERICANS out of work.  Struggling to feed their families, keep a roof over them to be pandering for these fucking ungrateful asswipes.  They suck off the tit of the .gov through the food stamps, SCHIP, and other state/federal programs.  But officially, they don't qualify for them.  OK...take another hit of acid.  We all know they do.

Well enough of this.  I can hear my blood pressure screaming in my ears.

III Business Cards

Sam has made a business cards template for us.  Take the time to go see them & support.

Seeds start small and grow.

Who knows what might grow from yours. 

You might be surprised.

Bay Area Company Creating Massive Vehicle Location Database from Police License Plate Scanning

Make your own conclusions.

Consider what work arounds can negate this.

This company is just another CopDom whore and can be treated as such.

Echo21 out.

via SF Gate
Capitalizing on one of the fastest-growing trends in law enforcement, a private company in Livermore has compiled a database bulging with more than 550 million bits of information that let police know when and where specific license plates of both innocent and criminal drivers were spotted.
While privacy rules restrict what police can do with their own databases, Vigilant Video, headquartered in Livermore, offers a loophole. It's a private business that is not required to operate by those same rules.

FRIDAY the 13th

It's Friday the 13th.

Who knows what horrors the Friday WH doc dump will have in them

we will write down whatever is necessary to get you in handcuffs

Nothing to see...Move along.

via Carlos Miller

I told them to go around back and talk to her.”

In other words, he was not allowing them into his home. And they did not have a warrant.

“The cop then says I’m a wise-ass and pushes me down and walks inside,” Nunez said. “I ran after him and told him, ‘you assaulted me.”
“I told them to get the fuck out of my house.”

“They said, ‘we’re about to arrest you.’

“I said on what charges and he looked me dead in the eye and said, ‘we will write down whatever is necessary to get you in handcuffs.’”
More people are waking up to this bullshit. 

The scales are teetering. 

When they decide to tip, it won't be a little mess. 

The Age Old Question

You know the question....

Here's the answer!

All the Marbles

The dick-tator pResident is going for all the marbles. 

He's been taking his shots. 

Now we are down to the final stages of the game.

Get ready...the test is about to begin.

via My Way News
Obama will call on Congress to give him a type of reorganizational power last held by a president when Ronald Reagan was in office. The Obama version would be a so-called consolidation authority allowing him to propose mergers that promise to save money and help consumers. The deal would entitle him to an up-or-down vote from Congress in 90 days.

Should he prevail, Obama's first project would be to combine six major operations of the government that focus on business and trade.

They are: the Commerce Department's core business and trade functions; the Small Business Administration; the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative; the Export-Import Bank; the Overseas Private Investment Corporation; and the Trade and Development Agency. The goal would be one agency designed to help businesses thrive.

The Doorbell

This comes via Down Range.

How true is this video???  VERY.

It's just a matter of time before they will come to take the children to the indoctrination camps to fulfill that debt.

And we thought Orwell's 1984 was just fiction.

Silly kids.