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Jul 15, 2012

The company you keep

Some words of wisdom from the good Book regarding the company you keep and their influence.

Proverbs 23

23 When thou shalt sit to eat with a prince, consider diligently what is set before thy face.
And put a knife to thy throat, if it be so that thou have thy soul in thy own power.
Be not desirous of his meats, in which is the bread of deceit.
Labour not to be rich: but set bounds to thy prudence.
Lift not up thy eyes to riches which thou canst not have: because they shall make themselves wings like those of an eagle, and shall fly towards heaven.
Eat not with an envious man, and desire not his meats:
Because like a soothsayer, and diviner, he thinketh that which he knoweth not. Eat and drink, will he say to thee: and his mind is not with thee.
The meats which thou hadst eaten, thou shalt vomit up: and shalt loose thy beautiful words.