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Apr 15, 2012

Broiler Adventure-The Finale

We wrapped up the broiler project today.

We went from nice, cute fuzzy, chicks.

To a 7-8lb live bird in 6 weeks.  That's putting on the weight.

Between week 4 & 5 they put on a average of 1.3lbs

They can't fly so transport was easy

We wound up with a 5-6lb dressed bird.

It took the processor ( 4 guys) 70 minutes from the start of the kill to me driving out to do 56 birds.  They have done 7000+ birds since Jan this year.

The cost comparison is probably about $1-$1.50 more that a store bought bird, depending on where you live.  The bonus you know what went into them.  The cost would be about the same, but these were shown at our county livestock show.

They were fed 30% Turkey starter from day 1 to 3 weeks.  Then from we went to 26% Broiler finisher w/ a 12% fat content to finish.  The last week they were fed chicken scratch to clean out the insides.

Big plump birds with a nice reddish skin.

Time to fire up the deep fryer.