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May 8, 2012

What Happens AFTER You Refuse a Police Search?

Residents May Lose Utilities for Unpaid Red Light Violations

The above pic is the Las Cruces,NM city council and mayor.

They and along with all the other executive staff of the city have found that red light cameras don't generate $$$ like what they were sold.

So they are trying to cut off the utilities of citizens to force them to pay for bullshit  fines unto Caesar.

via ABC
Residents of Las Cruces, New Mexico with outstanding red-light-camera traffic tickets are in danger of having their utilities shut off.

The fines are broken up between the city, the state of New Mexico and the camera company.  The city is owed $600 thousand in unpaid tickets.

“We can’t go through the courts; it’s not that type of citation,” said Vigil.  “We don’t have legal enforcement authority.”

So in these times of financial stupidity, why should the people suffer at the hands of tyrants?

Because they think they can get away with it.

If citizens would target the cause of this issue with some retaliatory actions, then they, the tyrants,  may have some different views.

Just some food for thought.

Coincidence or Convenience?????

I wonder long before one of them is outed as a fed?

The FBI raided what it describes as a paramilitary camp in Osceola County over the weekend. Investigators told the media ten people were arrested on hate crime charges. The suspects are said to be members of the American Front, a white supremacist group. According to WFTV in Orlando, the group “is known as a domestic terrorist organization.”

“WFTV learned that investigators believe the group was involved in paramilitary training that included weapons like AK-47′s and they also trained in hand-to-hand combat for a coming race war,” the news station reports.

Fire Pistons & Other Primitive Ways

To create a fire using a fire piston, a small amount of tinder is placed in a cavity carved into the end of the piston. The piston is inserted a short distance into the cylinder. The cylinder is gasped firmly and the piston given a quick push or sharp blow with the palm. The piston is immediately withdrawn to reveal a smoldering ember in its tip. The ember is placed into a bundle of shredded bark or punk wood and blown into fame. With a small amount of practice, the entire sequence can be performed in well under 30 seconds.

Primitive Ways

A buddy of mine found this site and it has many useful tips and skills to learn.

It covers from fire making to tools/weapons, shelter and everything in between.

Car loads of info.