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Mar 11, 2013

Fruits of your labor

My oldest has been wanting to show a hiefer at our local fair/livestock show.  I was having a hard time coughing up $1k for one.  I know, $1k...I was not going to buy trash as I intend to breed her for steak production.

Well, several weeks ago she went to the San Antonio Rodeo for the calf scramble and caught on.  For he reward, she was given a $800 certificate towards the purchase of a heifer/steer.

We really didn't think she would have caught on as she only weighs about 100lb.  Thats what think'n gets ya.

Today she went down to the Houston Livestock Show with her FFA livestock judging team.

She competed against 1500 other kids nd placed 21st.

That's right...21st.

For that she was given a $1500 certificate for a heifer.

That makes $2300 she can use to buy a heifer to show.  She has to keep a scrap book for both shows and we have to show the heifer at both shows next year.

On the upside, we can select a animal that can be competive at both shows and those rewards can be in the larger.