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Nov 11, 2011

Browning machine guns firing after 70 years buried in peat

John Moses Browning designed the guns for the Mk 2 Spitfire.  After 70 years of being buried in peat, they still fire flawlessly.  Click on the link (after the jump) for a video of the test firing.

Cinder block thrown through window at Sandusky house

Surprised it didn't contain Cu& Pb instead of concrete.

Police in State College today said that vandals had attacked the home of former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky.

Sandusky, charged with 40 counts of sexual abuse against young boys, was not at home Thursday night when two pieces of cinder block went flying through the window of an unoccupied bedroom about 10:20 p.m., police said.

The investigation into the alleged abuse expanded Thursday to Texas as new allegations surfaced alleging Sandusky molested a boy in San Antonio twice in the 1990s.

Ann Barnhardt has a good write up at her site about this POS.

Cryptogon has a good deal of links & writing on this. 

It seems he was pimping them out and still had very easy & secure access to the Penn athletics area.


 via Mother Jones
The Pentagon detention center that started out in January 2002 as a collection of crude open-air cells guarded by Marines in a muddy tent city is today arguably the most expensive prison on earth, costing taxpayers $800,000 annually for each of the 171 captives by  Obama administration reckoning.

That’s more than 30 times the cost of keeping a captive on U.S. soil.

Lets do the math....


171 heads

That's $136,800,000 to keep control of the goat rapists.

Get rid of GITMO & save a ton of cash.  Because we know that we they release them as being "cured" they run home to the imam and get their weapon & next assignment.

Useful Idiots

If only he was on the fearful leaders team.

I like the accidentally part.

US Secret Service Officer Accidentally Fires Gun

An early morning gunshot that closed off Northwest D.C. streets for several hours ended up not being quite the scare neighbors expected.

It turns out a U.S. Secret Service officer accidentally (RT-LMAO) fired off his gun near the Russian Embassy. Secret Service spokesman Jim Mackin told Fox News there were no known injuries.

The inadvertent discharge occurred just before 4 a.m. ET. Officers were on the scene all morning as the investigation took place.

The officer who is with the Foreign Missions branch of the Secret Service was in a marked vehicle at the time of the shooting.

As part of standard protocol, the case has been turned over to the Secret Service's Office of Professional Responsibility to determine if there was any wrongdoing.


Dutch Bakery

Man I wish we had some of these around the Houston area.

via Down Range Report

A couple of days ago I did this story of a restaurant in a Mennonite community in North Alabama. It was so refreshing to visit and be reminded of a more simple time and slower pace. These people are very family orientated, all the kids, parents, grand parents etc help out. 
Just a few miles away was a Dutch Bakery run by the same community. It is a metal building out in the middle of farm country and is all family run. 

I took this picture through an open door of teenagers putting dough on a baking sheet, they seemed content not having an IPod stuck in their ear.
There was many types of fresh bread for sale, some I had never seen before
Here is a section of fresh cakes and cookies, I don't think this was the low calorie section.
Many Jars of homemade jams and preserves.
The check out area, notice all the workers dress in same manor.

This looked like an interesting section, all bags of fresh ground herbs and spices.
The whole store smelled like a country kitchen baking bread, cakes and cookies at Christmas. We did buy a few loaves of bread and some spices and jams.
As I walked around inside the bakery I felt I was back in time 50 years. Nobody had their pants down below  their butt, or had nose rings or spiked hair. Made me feel good.

Weird Things Found in the Woods

A forum link about weird things people have found int he woods.  Some are pretty funny.

Below is one that I like posted by Cornbread.

Weird Things in the Woods

I got a special wilderness permit to go into an area in the mountains in CA where they hadn't allowed foot traffic in, in twenty years. There were no trails. It was myself and two other Marines and we did it in exchange for seeing if there was a rare kind of trout in the streams up there. I guess the forest service didn't have anyone who wanted to do it. I'm not sure I was set up with this by a friend. Anyway we hiked for two days with no trails using just a map and compass and on the second day we walked around this huge cliff to find a full on cabin with a lawn and solar power and washer and dryer the whole nine yards all built into the rock face of the cliff. You couldn't see it from above so it had gone unoticed for years. We talked to the guy that lived there and he said we were the first people he had seen hike in, in 14 years. He was a retired helicopter pilot and he had flown all the equipment in by helo. He was squatting on federal land and knew it but didn't seem worried. He said he hikes out every two weeks for supplies by a different route then we came in and he showed it to us. We used that route to get back as he had a trail beaten down so the walking was easier. All in all it was pretty cool. The trout the forest service was looking for were in the creeks so it is still closed to foot travel and we never told the forest service about the old helicopter pilot so I would bet he is still out there.

The Scourge of Locust

The musloids do this where ever they decide to go.  The scourge will wipe out any trace of Christianity.

They have did this at numerous site in Turkey.  They did it to the Jews in Jerusalem.  In Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, and so on, and so on.

If they want to spread their filth by the sword, let them eat it as well.

I will not surrender to any of their crap.

via Jihad Watch

The Seventh Ecumenical Council, the Second Council of Nicaea, held in the Aghia Sophia of Nicaea in 787, declared the orthodoxy of icons and images. It was the last meeting of all the world's bishops that included representatives of both the Church of Rome and the Church of Constantinople, the leaders of Western and Eastern Christianity, respectively. The church was turned into a mosque when Islamic jihadists conquered Nicaea in the fourteenth century; then, like its more famous namesake in Constantinople, it was made into a museum by the secular Turkish regime. Now that Turkey is rapidly re-Islamizing, it is a mosque again. "Erdogan's religious acrobatics: Nicaea council church back to being a mosque," by NAT da Polis for Asia News, November 11 (thanks to C. Cantoni):
Istanbul (AsiaNews) - The specter of Aghia Sophia continues to plague the Islamic world of Tayyip Erdogan’s Turkey. Not the most famous symbol of the church of Constantinople, but another church, Aghia Sophia in Nicaea (now Izmit), which predates the Constantinople church, having been built in the fourth century. It passed into history in 787 AD, when it was the last church to host a united Christendom drawn to discuss the iconoclastic question, in a truly ecumenical synod, before the fatal schism of 1024 [actually 1054 -- ed.].
This Christian church, the Aghia Sophia in Nicaea (Izmit), was transformed into a mosque in 1331 by Orhan Gazi who led the Ottomans and which was later made a museum in 1920, has returned once again to being a mosque.
All that was needed was a directive from the Directorate General for Religious Affairs led by Mehmet Gormez, appointed by Erdogan instead of Ali Bardakoglu, the man behind the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Turkey, since retired. The move has elicited several considerations in Turkey and abroad in a period in which much importance and emphasis is placed on religious freedom. It is also noted that this decision by the Directorate for Religious Affairs, made in accordance with the Directorate General of Religious Foundations, to which the church of Aghia Sophia in Izmit belongs, is in complete contrast with the decisions of the Ministry of Culture in Ankara, which granted permission for religious celebrations in Christian monuments that have since been transformed into museums....

EPA to Propose New Rules on Wood Stoves

Since more people are using wood stoves as alternative sources of heat, the Green Gestapo has decided to make it harder on folks by "encouraging" them to buy "EPA" certified ones.


More U.S. homes are being heated with wood stoves, raising concerns about pollution and health risks, officials said.

Rising energy prices have pushed many homeowners to purchase wood-burning stoves, many of them using tax credits for efficient stoves that expire next month, USA Today reported Friday.

The trend has prompted federal officials to consider updating the 23-year-old certification criteria for stoves, the newspaper reported.

The Environmental Protection Agency said it plans to propose the new rules next year.

"We are not in the business of telling people how to heat their homes," EPA spokeswoman Alison Davis said, but she urged people to purchase EPA-certified stoves and install and use them properly to keep smoke out of the house.

"The technology has improved for wood stoves," Davis said, noting stoves meeting the EPA's 2007 voluntary standards are 90 percent cleaner than older ones.

Of the estimated 10 million wood stoves used in the United States, as many as 80 percent are not EPA-certified and emit 70 percent more pollution than those that are, said Lisa Rector of the non-profit Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management.

Another muslo-maniac Shakedown

More lawfare assaults by the pig lovers of the pagan god allah.  He wanted to go on his haji vacation instead of work like all rest of the employees.

via Creeping Sharia

A former Whole Foods Market employee says he was fired because he is Muslim.
Glenn Mack Jr. told reporters Tuesday that he experienced harassment by his supervisors because of his Islamic faith, resulting in his termination.

A spokeswoman for the natural-food supermarket chain said the company denied Mack’s allegations.
Mack, 24, started working for Whole Foods in 2008. He was terminated in February 2011 for absenteeism, said his lawyer, Amara Chaudhry, with the Philadelphia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

May cause "substantial disruption"

Yep.  Hope the bastards remember that when they want to claim 1A om shit.
via Fellowship of the Minds 
Three Morgan Hill students got a crash course in American civics this week when they lost a lawsuit against high school officials who sent them home for wearing American Flag t-shirts to school.

A judge dismissed the case against Live Oaks High School administrators, saying the Morgan Hill-based school did not violate the students’ First and 14th Amendment rights when officials sent them home for refusing to turn their American flag t-shirts inside out.

The controversy started on Cinco de Mayo last year, when four students came to school wearing American-themed attire, including bandannas. School officials told the kids they had to turn their shirts inside out and hide the flag, otherwise it might provoke violence on the Mexican holiday.
The lawsuit sought only nominal damages including changing school policies to clearly state students’ rights and protections under the Bill of Rights and reimbursing lawyer fees and expenses for the cost of litigation. But no, the judge ruled against the plaintiffs

New Walmart Signs

If this is how they can get the dumbass's to understand the express lane, then we are doomed...

More FedGov Dirty Tricks

via SSI

This happened in the Freisen case, I am told, but it bounced back on the government when it turned out that Freisen and his attorney never opened a federal discovery file on their own computers but rather handed them off to an IT guy with a stand-alone cheap computer used only for opening fed files that might contain booby traps.

Oops. The IT guy thoroughly documented the virus as well as the fact that it could not have happened by accident. Oops, indeed.

I hear that this is a continual problem and has even happened in a certain prominent current ATF case of note.

So, all you tyro federal criminal defense attorneys, take a tip and don't open your discovery materials on your own computer. Use a cheap stand-alone that you don't mind losing, and immediately consult an IT professional when the whole shebang locks up. It ain't no accident.

Congress Members Took Part in Insider Trading

This is what most of us already knew.

Congress Members Took Part in Insider Trading

As many as a dozen members of Congress and their aides took part in insider trading based on foreknowledge of market moving information on Capitol Hill, disgraced Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff told CNBC in an interview.

Abramoff, who was once one of the wealthiest and most powerful lobbyists in Washington before a corruption scandal sent him to federal prison for more than three years, said that many of those members of Congress bragged to him about their stock trading prowess while dining at the exclusive restaurant he owned on Pennsylvania Avenue.