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Sep 17, 2011

Spin the Wheel

Zero Hedge says Tuesday may be the BIG day for Greece.

Is September 20 Greek Default Day?
If Greece is going to default, September 20th seems to be as good a day as any. Actually, it is far better than most to be GD-Day.
Two big bonds, the 4.5% of 2037 and the 4.6% of 2040 both have coupon payments due that day, totalling 769 Million Euro.  So if the IMF wanted to avoid letting another billion euro go down the drain, September 20th would be a good day to do it.  The IMF seems to have delayed approving another tranche for now, so Greece must already have the money for this payment?

Holding True

These Amish men are standing tall against those that are used to bullying those they feel they can.

The above men have been arrested for "Safety Violations" ...no orange triangles on their buggies.

That's right.

These men claimed that the fines violated their religious beliefs.

The men, who belong to a particularly strict Amish sect in Graves County, said paying the fines violated their religious beliefs against wearing bright colors or trusting in man-made symbols for their safety.

While some may not agree with their lifestyle.  I hold these men with honor.  They have their priciples and they will not back away from them.

We should learn from these small lessons that we see.  For all to often we see the people who are supposed to be leading this country, states, & counties caving in for far less....personal immoralities.
The pic is from Free Republic.  The comments that some people posted show why we have the current situation that we are struggling in.  Read them and make your own judgement.

Constitution Day

September 17, 1787, the U.S. Constitution was signed in Philadelphia.